Friday, July 31, 2009

6 Things that makes me HAPPY

Joanna tagged me for the 6 things that makes me happy. One thing about me is, its easy to make me happy or laugh. And since it says things, i stuck with things. But beyond all of these what really makes me happy is God. He is so good to us, we could not do anything without him. Families and Caleb, because no matter what happened they will still be the first who cared, specially parents. Kinda different for me because ive recognized 3 mothers in my life. One would be ofcourse my birth mother who i could not ask for any one better, she is the great foundation. My aunt who i call mama, she raised me as her own when my mom could not(due to moms work) and Lola, a very strong women and had lots of love to give.

Purses makes me the happiest out of all the things in the world! Like i said im a PURSAHOLIC! I love them, every time that i come to my favorite stores i feel like a little kid in DYLAN'S Candy store. So much to choose from, i want them all. YUMMY

This is to blame thats why i have so much purses, but dont get me wrong i want more! Keep em coming!!!

My Halo Edish 360 is something that i cannot live without! Its a great way to pass some time at home. Addictive im going to admit. But so much fun!!!

Sushi is one of the greatest thing on earth! Mmmmm... Love love love it!!! I dont think i can live my life without sushi. This is one of my obssession. Trust me, it does makes me happy. Now i want some sunshine roll, unagi, tako, tootsie, the box(from pure) and Hawaiian roll that has mango! Errr lol

Rollercoasters! Definetely not right after i pig out. ha ha
I do love rides, like a little kid at heart that i am. Althoug i use to be terrified at them lol

FROYO! Mojo is one of those places that's only Caleb and i's special place. It has to be because we started going to that place like maniacs. Almost every day, but it is mostly because all of our cutest and sweetest memories. He loves toppings!!! The reason why we walk out of there paying $15.00 is because of his toppings, which i later on pick at. But just because everytime that we do have mojo's we like to walk around shops and talk or sit at the bench right in front of Bebe. Little things like this makes me the happiest.

Movies!!! Love movies, nothing really that much to say except. Movies have one purpose, it always teaches the viewers a lesson. Wether it may be that you can DO whatever you set your heart into or that you Can LOVE Again, even after a broken heart.

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  1. aww how cute are those^^ and deff right about how God is not consider a thing but still #1 that makes you happy along with families. kudos on your 6 things as well

  2. Wow thanks sooo much Len for this Tag. I'm really honored & so appreciative if fellow bloggers noticed me, thank you girl.

    Aw, sabay ako pinadalhan ng tag nato Len, same day as in. hehe. Yung isang nag tag sakin si Toothfairynotes. I'm so so thankful to both of you. ^_^


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