Monday, May 24, 2010

Suppper Busy with the Wedding!

Hi Pretties! Super busy on the wedding preps. Although i do have a wedding planner, and thank goodness for her. I think the fact that i am getting married just is not settling yet. NOT in a bad way of course! I'm just very ANXIOUS and VERY NERVOUS! On different various ways... I do have alot of WHAT IFs:

*If i step on my Gown and i fell?
*If i cry that my make up would end up making me look like a RACCOON?
*If it's so HOT in the Philippines that i start sweating so much it shows? (that's uber gross sorry 4 TMI)
*If i don't look good as i hope i would.

I have so many other What Ifs but I'm not going to bore you all with those. I know it kinda seems like those what ifs are so self centered. And maybe they are and maybe that's wrong. But i cant help my self.. Besides getting married to the most AMAZING guy in the world<-(Of course to me he is. And I'm not saying that because i dont think your man is awesome as well but you know what i mean.) I'm also looking forward to spending time with my families as well as a 3 week Vacation. Which is kinda a tricky feeling. Because if i am out of work for more than 2 days i feel such a looser. I don't know why, i just do! I definitely will miss my friends and colleagues. So for the pass Months that i have been MIA i am very sorry. I miss posting and updating and just yapping all together lol. I do have a couple of things that i want to include in this post. So here they are: Ok, first of all... Im SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! ECLIPSE.... YAY!!!

Second, on Friday Caleb and i went with our friends to dinner. Its one of those COUPLES dinner thing. And i did her make up.

If you guys want to know what colors and brand i used on her, comment and let me know.
last but not least, on Sunday... We went out to dinner; enjoyed my day off lol. and did some lite shopping.
i'll try to be better!
Peace, LUV & FrenchKiss