Monday, July 27, 2009

Eyeko, Name & Update on WIMB

Pretty Kikays

So i am now an Eyeko Ambassador, pretty excited to be featuring Eyeko Cosmetics. Eyeko is London's cutest cosmetics. All the Spice Girls wear em' so thats got to be something amazing. It is absolutely ANIMAL FRIENDLY because they test their products on CELEBRITY and not ANIMALS. How great is that? I know right! To know more about Eyeko and Shop visit and enter code E4115 upon check out to get a free gift.

Also FREE Eyeko Rosy Pink Lipgloss with ANY purchases just enter Eyeko Rosy Pink. This is valid till July 30 09.

And if you would like to send Eyeko virtually on Facebook to your awesome friends, check out Shop n Send, spread the love for Eyeko ladies!

By the way happy Monday!!! Hope every one's day will be great.

Ok, so i have had questions why i named my blog FRENCHKISS. I would very much like to share the reason behind this. FRENCH is my soon to be last name. Yes, it is my fiance's last name and since (this might be TMI) he is a great KISSER i thought since his last name is French and i love his kisses, put it together and Viola! FRENCHKISS
Today Caleb and i will deliberate on who will be the winner of July WIMB! It is so hard ladies because we love what's in your bags. Also the reason why i am not going to use is because i want to have a reason why i have picked the wimb winner. Not just because of the wall post on your blogs which i have appreaciated so much but most importantly because of how we carry our self. Some bags scream AHHH ive got my house inside and some are WALLET, CELLPHONE... im good to go!
Please do understand that if we do not pick you, YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO ENTER ANOTHER WIMB contest every month! With different prices. So let's all be happy.


  1. oooh eyeko! shop & send to the max i love why you name your blog Frenchkiss its so genious


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