Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movie Crazy

WOW! I was thinking about what movies, i wanted to see that i have not seen this year. I asked my fiance if he could help me remember what movies we saw together. About 99% of the movies i saw was with him. Last night we went and saw Harry Potter. It was ok, i like all the HP movies anyways. Last night felt a little long. It's silly because it is a long movie, but i could actually feel it. If you know what i mean?

The deal about twilight! I know it came out December of 08. But i actually saw it in the Theatre 5 days before it came out. I didnt want to see it with any one who has seen it before because i know i would just be asking questions. But i really, really want to see it. So Caleb told me we had to be somewhere, i asked him but he says YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO SEE IT FOR YOUR SELF. We pulled in at AMC in , went inside and went straight through theatre 14<- i think. I was wondering why no one is coming in. The warning lights of the previous before the movies has just turned off. I was thinking to my self, maybe he didnt tell me what movie we were going to see because IT SUCKS! After all the previous, the movie started. I was so AMAZED it being Twilight. And we were the only ones in the theatre!!! PERIOD. I was thinking why the movie all of a sudden played ONE time, that day 5 days before it came out on DVD. And why in the hell we were the only TWO in there? Hmmmm.... Can you guess?
Ever since Up's commercial came on tv and movie previous i was DEAD set on seeing it! I always qoute it<- talk about DORKINESS! 3 nights before it came out, Caleb. Being the Nicest Fiance anyone could ever had/have. Had gotten US a pass to see it! Although i did not see it then, we did go to the premierish. I loved it! It was the saddest movie ive seen in a while.
Everytime i see the add for this movie, it makes me smile! Im so glad i dont have to go through this with my sister. I saw this with Calebs mom and dad.
Just for fun, im going to List the movies i have seen so far this year:
1. Twilight
2. My Bloody Valentine
3. Monsters vs. Aliens
4. Bride Wars
5. Confession of a shoppaholic
6. Coraline
7. 17 Again
8. He's just not that into you
9. Up
10. Angels and Demonds
11. Star Trek
12. XMen
13. Drag me to Hell
14. Land Of the Lost (Twice)
15. Transformers (Twice)
16. Ice Age
17. Harry Potter
I know i have some movies in between missing... Dont remember lol
What have you guys seen lately?

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