Friday, November 19, 2010


After seeing this online, last Tuesday afternoon... With nothing to do, i dragged Caleb with me to check out the stuff that they had. I didn't go crazy at all, we were such smart shoppers. We are going to be waiting for Black Friday though lol. I'm sure they will have INSANE offers then.

But for now i want to show you what i got:D
I am so ADDICTED to the Secret Wonderland(Must Have) as much as the Twilight Collection, if not MORE!

Dont miss out on AMAZING DEALS on Black Friday at B&BW:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Taste of Bliss

Finally!! We got to see SOME of the Professional pictures that was taken on our wedding day. This has put the cherry on top of my WORKING WEEKEND(cuz i work every other weekend).

My Make Up Artist, Geri<- WAS AMAZING! He does Celebrity and Bridal make up in the Philippines. OMG! I was so blessed to have had him do my hair and make up.

I'm so glad to be married to my bestfriend. He is such a wonderful guy. Still has not changed even though we are married, still as sweet; caring and in love with me.

I'm so GLAD to be married in our church:D

This is it for now! I cannot wait for the rest of the pictures and the Photo Album and our video:)


Friday, November 12, 2010

Meeting SHAI for the first time!!!

My besti Rel:D thought it would be a great idea if her other best friend Shai and i meet! She thinks that Shai and i have the same fashion sense, the same personality, down to earth and just amazingly fun to be around with. The only difference is that; i am very loud and out spoken... Shai is very shy! So yesterday(Thursday) was the day for us to meet. Every Thurs they have a date; where they have lunch, go shopping and do what their little hearts decide.

We were suppose to meet at 3:30, however it got pushed back because Shai's car was not finished with the change oil. That worked in my advantage because i was running late my self. Exactly 3:21 my door bell rung, sure enough it was Rel with her white Lexus. To make the situation crazy, i just stepped out of the shower! Rel as always, is very patient and is ok about it.

We got to Norterra around 4 ish... Parked in front of Charming Charlie and headed toward a black Audi. Which came out this pretty girl named Shannon. Rel introduced us, after came laughter, lite dinner, trying on accessories, shoes, dresses, browsing home decor, looking for a Juicy purse, finding Juicy purse and more...


Right after we got done with dinner at Sauce, we thought we should do what every girl loves...Shopping:)

@ Charming Charlie's

Every one tried on this gorgeous ring!

Elephant Ring


Dooney Duck Small Tassel Tote

Juicy Couture Cherry Charm Bag

Found these purses that i wouldn't mind adding to my collection.. Don't mind the sad face, we thought it was just funny to take a pic with these purse looking sad. Lol

Ariel with her ZebraShirt

She looked absolutely AMAZING in both of them!



Love them!!^^

Cant wait to wear it!

And to finish a great night with awesome friends we had Ice Cream from Coldstone:D
I loved Shannon!!! And i cant wait to build up great friendship with her. We ALL discussed that we are not going to let anything petty and low and idiotic things get in between us! So excited for this new friendship to blossom into a beautiful flower.

True friends r few that's y i treasure U