Thursday, October 29, 2009


So... I have been working, working and working! This time i promise i will post atleast once a day. I think i can do that. NO, wait SCRATCH that! I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!

Finally, i am very excited to say that i have picked up my wedding dress from David's Bridal. It was very early but im not complaining what so ever! It was supposed to be ready on Nov 14. It is so so so BEAUTIFUL!!! But then again, i think all brides think that their dresses are beautiful or they wouldnt have picked it. Right? I had to wait for my mom to be able to come down, since she lives 3 hours away from me and is a very busy woman! Although i only waited for about a week, i was still so ANXIOUS!!! But i promised her that she would be with me when i pick it up. And i like to hold on to my promises.

If you ever watched Bridezillas... Do you ever wonder why those brides acts the way they do? Or do you just automatically think to your selves. BI*CH! I use to be wondering why they have to be mean or just doesnt care about their bridesmaids or their MOH. But now, i kind of relate and see what they are going through. Ofcourse im not screaming or throwing a fit if i dont get what i want but when it comes to speaking to my wedding planner, im very precise about what i want or where i want it to be and what should be in what table as far as center pieces and also what flowers are in the church and the ones in the reception. Also when people tells me that it is MY DAY i automatically CORRECT that person and say "It's just not my day, its not like im the only one who is getting married, its mine and Caleb's. " I dont think the groom should just be pushed aside, i think he should get as much SPOTLIGHT as the bride. Because every one knows that wedding isnt possible without that smart MANTOY(jk) who propossed. Right? So why should i be the only one who is getting all these attention?

If you are married or getting married, please share with me how HECTIC you were planning!!! Would love to know.