Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kalai's, MymyMaganda and Alyntoi's Wimb

Kalai's Guess
This is the bag I use the most for daytime - it's very practical--Black goes with everything. It's a good size(can fit a big A4 file) and it's leather/ waterproof/ stainproof.
Things I usually keep in my bag-

phone (not pictured-- it was charging^^)
purse - Vivienne Westwood
mirror - Anna Sui
lip balm - Vaseline lip therapy
hand cream - L'occitane
sun protection - Nivea invisible protection
pressed powder foundation - Laneige sliding pact
face blotting paper
eye drops - Blink
digital cam - Panasonic Lumix LX2 (not pictured b/c I took the photo with it)
instant cam - Fujifilm Instax Mini 25
mp3 - Disney iRiver
mini sketchbooks + fineliner/pencil
water (not pictured)
hair band/clips
clean socks-- just incase I end up at the bowling alley(not likely but could happen^^) or if i go to friends house. I don't like being barefooted in someone elses house..
umbrella - weather is erratic here so I take a brolly out even when it's sunny (not pictured b/c they are kept downstairs^^).

I don't always take my makeup bag with me. Only when I plan to go somewhere after work or if I'm staying out for the whole day through to night.
Things I have in my mini makeup bag-
BB cream - Skinfood
eyeliner - Clinique
mascara - Majolica Majorca
small eyeshadow - Clinique
lip stick - MAC angel
blusher - Jill Stuart mix blush compact
contacts case + mini btl solution (not pictured)
wet wipes
tweezers + mini scissors + eyelash curlers

Alyntoi's Armani

I'm currently using my Emporio Armani sling bag. One of my fave as it can be converted to a shoulder bag as well. Here's a peek of whats inside it:

1. Marithe Francois Girbaud black wallet-bought this in for Php 200.00 or $ 4.45, what a steal right?

2.CK IN2U perfume- one of my fave at the moment...bought in singapore

3.Ray Ban Aviator Shades

4.Nokia mobile phone

Make-up inside my make up kit

5.Loreal Bare Naturale Blush in Pinched Pink

6.Loreal True Match Minerals Powder in Golden Sand - Good coverage and this lasts me for 6 months. Soo handy and it has a built in brush.

7.Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme - a gift from a very good friend, Abby..Hand creme is a must for me as my hand gets dry easily.

8.Almay Liquid Liner in black- this liner is very handy.

9.San-San Blush on in Champagne Temptation

10.Maybelline Lipstick in Buff - One of my HG lipstick. Been using this for more than 2 years now. I always top this with Loreal Lip Gloss

11.Loreal Lip Gloss in Glam Shine Apricot Sparkle - one of my HG lipgloss. Discovered this together with Maybelline Buff lipstick. They always go together :)

12.Prestige Blue Eyeliner in Rhapsody -i always bring an eyeliner with me wherever i go.

13.Blistex Complete Moisture LipBalm - One of my favorite and the things that i can't live without. I already used up 10 tubes of these, yeah thats how in love i am with this product.

14.Dental Floss

15.Maybelline Roller eyeshadow in Sunrise Rose - very nice for a shimmering look.

16.Company ID

17. ballpen

18.scrunchie - handy during bad hair days :P

19.coin purse-bought in bazaar for Php 10.00, perfect for keeping loose change.

20. Wide toothed comb

21. Mary kay mirror - been using this for 4 years already. it looks dilapidated but i dont care i
like it.

22. Nichido powder blush

My my Maganda's Bag
To Enter this contest, click on the WIMB picture on top of this post. To read the rules. Im so excited to see what in your bag. Also one of this days im going to post a video on whats in my bag and say hello to you guys! Good luck and i hope you guys have as much as fun as i am with this contest!
July's WIMB will officially close on July 25. WIMB August starts at the 1st! If you did not win WIMB July, dont worry because you can still enter. All you have to do is re-post a WIMB post on your blog and link it back to WIMB August. Thanks dolls.


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