Monday, July 13, 2009

Jen's Bag

Jen's bag is way, way fabulous! And i do love the handles. I see why she got it. Love that she has Cool Water, it's one of my fave perfume since back in high school. Loving the blackberry because i own, 2 curves and a pearl.

My synthetic gucci hand bag, got this thing from It used to be $90 but i only got it for $60. I bought it just because i like the bamboo handle. Cannot afford the real

i dont carry alot of stuff in my bag soo here it is...

-my make up pouch, the silver pouch where i put my blank cheque
my wallet, my black hello kitty camera case, coin purse,calculator,tictac mint candy, cool water perfume -one of my fav perfumes, and a blackberry pearl..actually thats not my cellphone anymore its my hubby`s cellphone..mine is Iphone 3G my hubby has it coz he was using it when i took this picture grrr...

my blank cheque and make up kit- must have my lipgloss, lipstick, concealer, face powder, eyelash curler, eyeliner and a small mirror. =)

To Enter this contest, click on the WIMB picture on top of this post. To read the rules. Im so excited to see what in your bag. Also one of this days im going to post a video on whats in my bag and say hello to you guys! Good luck and i hope you guys have as much as fun as i am with this contest!

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