Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ready for a


How clever and amazing are these vintage suitcase chairs? My next diy for sure!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Its busy, slow, meetings, focus groups, calibrations, side by side, vip lunches... so on and so fort. Career goals every month that not only i need to achieve but also go above and beyond! These are all the things that goes in my office.

Let's not forget how much i love snacks!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Your self! With fun, bold, pieces that not only stand out; and would also show your personality.

BARBiE! Sooo IN love with this ring.

lookit Nicki Minaj necklace!!! Very,... her style! lol

moment for life!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Eer..., For tomorrow i thought; to be a little formal-ish/casual. Still would be able to show color(s) and minimize accessories to make everything POP and go together at the same time. Then maybe paint your toe nails the same color your blouse/shirt.

Wednesday, wednesday...fun?

Monday, August 15, 2011


Not in any order of what so ever.. Just blah blah blah-ing about anything, really.

To start of, though its hard to kinda admit... However. I, kinda miss my Cavalier, my very first car. I was in high school. Got me anywhere i wanted to go! Especially where i partially grew up/ or should i say spent my middle-high school years.<- Was in the middle of now where in Az. Where the nearest Mc Donalds was 10 miles away. Every one knew every body. My Cavalier, was officially given to me when i turned 16. Now i am almost 24(in Nov,) and just last month., I said goodbye to Nicky(Cavalier.)

It was "time," to let go and up grade. I suppose i didn't really have any choice. I have been putting off getting a new car for years and finally got the courage to do it. For moral support, my AMAZING mother came down and helped me decide about what to get. 350z, G35 what was really i was looking for. Of course, it was a bit difficult to find an Automatic 350z; with low miles. They were discontinued back in... i believe 09 and was replaced by a wider chassis. The G35 coupe, on the other hand was very hard to find. So after a couple of weeks of searching my husband was suggesting different vehicles. We looked at Scion TCs, VW Jettas... Even was going to check out a couple of TT's.. Until, a certain vehicle caught my moms eyes. Chrysler Crossfire limited edition. We immediately looked at the car, ASKED for the CARFAX and-without any test drives... started paper work.

Mom decided to test drive my car, after we had gotten it.! Fell in love even more, with the car that she had successfully suggested for me to purchase. I cant say i blame her. It is a wonderful car.

With that being said. I promised my self that the next car i would own will have the Autobot Emblem.. And i found this on Ebay. I don't really care what others will say, I WANT iT! -- End of story.

Snap shot. Inside my car, the very next day. On my way to the office.

The very next day.. Got bored on my desk and thought i should paint my nails. So i did and matched the color of my new car.

Last, but not the least. In the month of June and July, my department hosted the annual Summer Bash contest. Where, each week- depending on how we did..individual career goals, will get us a chance to win up to 10 raffle tickets. Again, each week. And in order to maximize the earnings of the ticket, of course you would have to meet and EXCEED your monthly/daily goals. Which i, always did(not to boast, I'm very competitive.)

And after two big months of racking up tickets to put in whatever box choice you decided to, the company took my department to a paid several hours of bowling and pizza, where every half an hour our Department manager will draw name from each boxes and finally announced the winner.

Unfortunately, my name was not picked in any of the categories. Yes, i was somewhat bitter. I had earned... I believe, a total of 7-10 tickets a week(i took a week vaca to Cali, in the middle.) I placed them in all raffle boxes with the exceptions of Grill, Blu Ray and Ipod. Although i did not win any of these amazing prizes, i cant say that i did not have fun bowling or getting fed lunches/break fast in the office. And the truth of the matter is that i have won many little prizes at work through out the year. Such as tons of movies, a set of beautiful Mosaic Hurricane candle holders, $100 worth of Bath & Body Works stuff(several times,) and many many more that i cant even remember. I am fortunate to work for a company that even in these hard times, takes very good care of their employees.

Just, rambling...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cut it OUT!

Lately i have been so addicted with finding a good pair of "cut out" shoes.

So far these are what i found that looked good on me. =)

Carlos Santana