Monday, July 6, 2009


I am so excited! I finally decided on what color theme i am going to have in my wedding. Ofcourse, as usual its not something that alot of people has done! I loved to stand out and do my own thing since i was a little girl.

The colors are Palm Beach Coral, Pool and Canary for my Canary Diamond! I am so excited. Its great to hear people's reaction when i tell them what my colors are. Now the question is what to do with my hair????

I doubt that it will be long enough by next summer. The thing is, im loving the Short hair!! Because i tease my hair so much and it takes forever to tease when its long! I can always get extensions. Its not that im becoming Bridezilla but i get so frustrated with friends, well just two out of all of them anyways. I pitched in the getting hair extension part and two of my so called friends thought that i shouldnt be fake! Its not like im getting a boob job or anything! I mean i get my nails done anyways. They have been making a big deal out of the idea of me getting extensions. I personally dont see anything thats wrong with it. Do you?

When i saw this online the other day; under short wedding hairstyles, it made me smile! Because of how puffy her hair is. Now that my hair is short, this is what it looks like everyday. I love the fact that my hair takes 10 minutes. As suppose to 20 to 40.

The thing though is, my mom is dead set on me having a veil! AHHH!

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