Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Bitten, Taste the Venom...

Taste the venom of your favorite vampires and show it off. The look is so seductive that it definetely has to be in someones lips. Along with many endorsements out there from dolls to shoes to bags and cosmetics; the Twilight empire sure is spreading like a desease. It's actually a very smart thing to do because there are so many fans gaga over the Twilight Saga. I love the story and the movie. Although im not as crazy as i would purchase trading cards. But i know there are alot of those who bought those and even the "Tour to Forks" books. Who would buy a shirt just because Robert Pattinson as Edward was in it. There is nothing wrong with that. I know some of those gals or guys do stuff like that because they feel close to the story and the feel to support their favorite book or movie is a must.

I absolutely think it is genius for Bath & Body Works to do this mini line. I'm even interested in the Venom lip gloss. The prices will be listed below!!! If you dolls have any of these, please let me know how it looks on(the lipgloss) and how it smells.

Twilight Venom: $16.00
Twilight Woods Lotion: $4.00 now $1.oo
Woods Candle: $9.50

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New City, New Job.... searching! Sometimes i hate job searching and sometimes i dont. It really just matters on where i am looking for jobs and what can the city offer me. This time its different because, there are so many places to look from. Im currently living in Phoenix Az. Theres stores such as Louis Vuitton, Banana Republic, BCBG, Guess, Coach<- i think you get the idea. I started giving out my resume and filling apps a week ago, tomorrow. Offered two jobs out of 4 that i applied. The only deal with the other two are, the store is not finished and the manager doesn't know(because of economy) if she can hire. Today at 2 was my interview for Guess, it went great. I thought it was going to be a group interview but it was just me and the hiring manager. It was absolutely exciting. She only asked me 2 questions out of her questionair and the rest we just pretty much talk about how we both love Fashion and how she is excited to have me on her team and this and that. The only thing that i am waiting on is my back ground check, which shoudnt take 4 days.

Earlier this evening i got a phone call from the General manager of Polo. He's asked me to come in this Thursday at 1 to speak with me about the job and all of that. I am very excited as well with this store. Although they are right by each other, either im going to see if i can work both stores or see which one pays more. <- i know that sounds bad but ofcourse in this economy we all have to be SMART about making Decision. So excited about these jobs, so tired of sitting at home and not doing anything but watching shows and cleaning.


Im so sorry...
It's not that i am neglecting my blog and you pretty kikays out there, i just have been busy. My newphew needed a temporary "MOM" to take care of him, get him dressed for school; help with his home work and play time and such<-Who knew that having a kid is so much hard work! So Kudos to all the mothers in the world especially the ones that has morethan one. While still planning my wedding and all that i want and need for it. Such as a wedding planner, who is by the way pretty awesome at what she does.

I also ordered my wedding dress, and will be picking it up on Nov 14. It totally was not what i thought i would be getting. Everything got changed, the dress, the veil, bridesmaids dresses. Venue, Church... AS far as the veil goes, i wanted a short one. Not as short as birdcage but short. On my final dress fitting, i was with my mom and my future mother in law. They pretty much decided that i should pick out a different dress, one with train and a longer than life veil. Trust me that veil that your seeing on me is not all of it. It is so long its not even funny!

Along with the busy schedule in my hands, the labor day weekend was even more hectic because it was my moving date. Fiance and i got a house and are moving in sooner than we expected. I guess this is good. So that we can see and feel of how we would be once we are married and living with each other. Because i know so many cases of marriage, that when they were dating; everything was so great. But not till they lived with each other that they realize how much they get on each others nerve. And even on the little things. Such as Carkeys<- i know right? Who would fight about carkeys? Well sure enough, i know a couple who would. And i think its not even because of the carkeys, i think its because they are so fed up with each other that they are figthing about anything they could fight with. As stupid as that sounds. So this is why we are moving in sooner. And then something else happens... I got sick, on Monday night(Labor Day.) Did not know what it was at first but i knew that when i left home dad was not feeling good as well. I was thinking i got whatever it is i had from him. FEVER that gave me a temperature of 103. It was an aweful night and for the next 3-4 days. I was cold and then sweating hot all in one minute and then back to being so cold. So the next day, we went to the dr. to see what the heck was wrong with me and found out i had TONSILITIST and SINUSITIST. NO! Not fun at all. Which i had to drink disgusting stuff for. Ugh What a nightmare.

This time i wont go so long without posting... Hopefully! Today @ 2 i got an interview with Guess. Wish me luck! I cant stand staying at home all day, its driving me insane. By the way... Dad had SWINE FLU! And i dont know what you guys think about it, but it is not as fatal as most people think, he stayed at home and drink his meds and after about 5 days he was back to normal. Someone told me that when people catch the swine flu they had to be in the hospital. That was funny.