Friday, July 31, 2009

6 Things that makes me HAPPY

Joanna tagged me for the 6 things that makes me happy. One thing about me is, its easy to make me happy or laugh. And since it says things, i stuck with things. But beyond all of these what really makes me happy is God. He is so good to us, we could not do anything without him. Families and Caleb, because no matter what happened they will still be the first who cared, specially parents. Kinda different for me because ive recognized 3 mothers in my life. One would be ofcourse my birth mother who i could not ask for any one better, she is the great foundation. My aunt who i call mama, she raised me as her own when my mom could not(due to moms work) and Lola, a very strong women and had lots of love to give.

Purses makes me the happiest out of all the things in the world! Like i said im a PURSAHOLIC! I love them, every time that i come to my favorite stores i feel like a little kid in DYLAN'S Candy store. So much to choose from, i want them all. YUMMY

This is to blame thats why i have so much purses, but dont get me wrong i want more! Keep em coming!!!

My Halo Edish 360 is something that i cannot live without! Its a great way to pass some time at home. Addictive im going to admit. But so much fun!!!

Sushi is one of the greatest thing on earth! Mmmmm... Love love love it!!! I dont think i can live my life without sushi. This is one of my obssession. Trust me, it does makes me happy. Now i want some sunshine roll, unagi, tako, tootsie, the box(from pure) and Hawaiian roll that has mango! Errr lol

Rollercoasters! Definetely not right after i pig out. ha ha
I do love rides, like a little kid at heart that i am. Althoug i use to be terrified at them lol

FROYO! Mojo is one of those places that's only Caleb and i's special place. It has to be because we started going to that place like maniacs. Almost every day, but it is mostly because all of our cutest and sweetest memories. He loves toppings!!! The reason why we walk out of there paying $15.00 is because of his toppings, which i later on pick at. But just because everytime that we do have mojo's we like to walk around shops and talk or sit at the bench right in front of Bebe. Little things like this makes me the happiest.

Movies!!! Love movies, nothing really that much to say except. Movies have one purpose, it always teaches the viewers a lesson. Wether it may be that you can DO whatever you set your heart into or that you Can LOVE Again, even after a broken heart.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

New Moon

Here is a clip of NEW MOON, where Alice and Bella trying to stop Edward from revealing his self. Enjoy kikays

Eyeko, Name & Update on WIMB

Pretty Kikays

So i am now an Eyeko Ambassador, pretty excited to be featuring Eyeko Cosmetics. Eyeko is London's cutest cosmetics. All the Spice Girls wear em' so thats got to be something amazing. It is absolutely ANIMAL FRIENDLY because they test their products on CELEBRITY and not ANIMALS. How great is that? I know right! To know more about Eyeko and Shop visit and enter code E4115 upon check out to get a free gift.

Also FREE Eyeko Rosy Pink Lipgloss with ANY purchases just enter Eyeko Rosy Pink. This is valid till July 30 09.

And if you would like to send Eyeko virtually on Facebook to your awesome friends, check out Shop n Send, spread the love for Eyeko ladies!

By the way happy Monday!!! Hope every one's day will be great.

Ok, so i have had questions why i named my blog FRENCHKISS. I would very much like to share the reason behind this. FRENCH is my soon to be last name. Yes, it is my fiance's last name and since (this might be TMI) he is a great KISSER i thought since his last name is French and i love his kisses, put it together and Viola! FRENCHKISS
Today Caleb and i will deliberate on who will be the winner of July WIMB! It is so hard ladies because we love what's in your bags. Also the reason why i am not going to use is because i want to have a reason why i have picked the wimb winner. Not just because of the wall post on your blogs which i have appreaciated so much but most importantly because of how we carry our self. Some bags scream AHHH ive got my house inside and some are WALLET, CELLPHONE... im good to go!
Please do understand that if we do not pick you, YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO ENTER ANOTHER WIMB contest every month! With different prices. So let's all be happy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JBreezy's give away!!!

Hey Kikays!!!

Ok, so my girl Joanna of jbreezybaby is having her first contest! The prices are whats on the pic! I encourage you girls to join, its great! She wants to know what make up we love and why. It's totally worth it and you can voice your opinions.

So for my favorite make up brand would be MAC.... you know you get your money's worth, its hip, youll never be unsatisfied and theres a bunch of color to choose from.


1) You must be a follower (Obviously I'm doing this for my followers. But if you want to join and become a follower, you are more than welcome ;] )2) You must be at least 18 years of age (If not, please ask your parents first for permission)3) Have a valid email address (I'm sure all of you would not have any problem with this lol)


1) Answer this simple question: In ONE sentence, tell me what is your all time favorite makeup brand and why? (-OR- if you can't think one specific makeup brand, you can tell your current favorite brand -OR- current favorite item/product and why)is that simple? this is not going to be judge for who has the best answer as I will pick the winner through random draw. I just want to know what my bellas favorite products are =)2) Decide your chances of winning the prize =)

Len + Fafi = LOVE


For sometime now i have been wanting to do a 2DaysMKUP Fafi Edition! I absolutely love Fafi. Fafi is a graffiti artist, who's paintings are always colorful as well as big. On Walls and Public fences. Many of you might know the fafi girls because MAC came out with a Fafi Edition. They were fun, colorful and hip.

Kalai's, MymyMaganda and Alyntoi's Wimb

Kalai's Guess
This is the bag I use the most for daytime - it's very practical--Black goes with everything. It's a good size(can fit a big A4 file) and it's leather/ waterproof/ stainproof.
Things I usually keep in my bag-

phone (not pictured-- it was charging^^)
purse - Vivienne Westwood
mirror - Anna Sui
lip balm - Vaseline lip therapy
hand cream - L'occitane
sun protection - Nivea invisible protection
pressed powder foundation - Laneige sliding pact
face blotting paper
eye drops - Blink
digital cam - Panasonic Lumix LX2 (not pictured b/c I took the photo with it)
instant cam - Fujifilm Instax Mini 25
mp3 - Disney iRiver
mini sketchbooks + fineliner/pencil
water (not pictured)
hair band/clips
clean socks-- just incase I end up at the bowling alley(not likely but could happen^^) or if i go to friends house. I don't like being barefooted in someone elses house..
umbrella - weather is erratic here so I take a brolly out even when it's sunny (not pictured b/c they are kept downstairs^^).

I don't always take my makeup bag with me. Only when I plan to go somewhere after work or if I'm staying out for the whole day through to night.
Things I have in my mini makeup bag-
BB cream - Skinfood
eyeliner - Clinique
mascara - Majolica Majorca
small eyeshadow - Clinique
lip stick - MAC angel
blusher - Jill Stuart mix blush compact
contacts case + mini btl solution (not pictured)
wet wipes
tweezers + mini scissors + eyelash curlers

Alyntoi's Armani

I'm currently using my Emporio Armani sling bag. One of my fave as it can be converted to a shoulder bag as well. Here's a peek of whats inside it:

1. Marithe Francois Girbaud black wallet-bought this in for Php 200.00 or $ 4.45, what a steal right?

2.CK IN2U perfume- one of my fave at the moment...bought in singapore

3.Ray Ban Aviator Shades

4.Nokia mobile phone

Make-up inside my make up kit

5.Loreal Bare Naturale Blush in Pinched Pink

6.Loreal True Match Minerals Powder in Golden Sand - Good coverage and this lasts me for 6 months. Soo handy and it has a built in brush.

7.Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme - a gift from a very good friend, Abby..Hand creme is a must for me as my hand gets dry easily.

8.Almay Liquid Liner in black- this liner is very handy.

9.San-San Blush on in Champagne Temptation

10.Maybelline Lipstick in Buff - One of my HG lipstick. Been using this for more than 2 years now. I always top this with Loreal Lip Gloss

11.Loreal Lip Gloss in Glam Shine Apricot Sparkle - one of my HG lipgloss. Discovered this together with Maybelline Buff lipstick. They always go together :)

12.Prestige Blue Eyeliner in Rhapsody -i always bring an eyeliner with me wherever i go.

13.Blistex Complete Moisture LipBalm - One of my favorite and the things that i can't live without. I already used up 10 tubes of these, yeah thats how in love i am with this product.

14.Dental Floss

15.Maybelline Roller eyeshadow in Sunrise Rose - very nice for a shimmering look.

16.Company ID

17. ballpen

18.scrunchie - handy during bad hair days :P

19.coin purse-bought in bazaar for Php 10.00, perfect for keeping loose change.

20. Wide toothed comb

21. Mary kay mirror - been using this for 4 years already. it looks dilapidated but i dont care i
like it.

22. Nichido powder blush

My my Maganda's Bag
To Enter this contest, click on the WIMB picture on top of this post. To read the rules. Im so excited to see what in your bag. Also one of this days im going to post a video on whats in my bag and say hello to you guys! Good luck and i hope you guys have as much as fun as i am with this contest!
July's WIMB will officially close on July 25. WIMB August starts at the 1st! If you did not win WIMB July, dont worry because you can still enter. All you have to do is re-post a WIMB post on your blog and link it back to WIMB August. Thanks dolls.


$300 Authentic Louis Vuitton

Girly girls! I have way awesome discoveries that needs to be shared throughout the world! As you all know, ME<- the PURSAHOLIC FREAK, that i am. Is always thinking about how i can save you Kikays some money and me as well. I'm sure a lot of you heard BAG BARROW OR STEAL.? Well duh! Who wouldn't? I mean they were only featured in one of the most if n0t the only most Fabulous Movie ever! Aww C'mon Sex in the City is uber fab! Where else can you see a Prada, Louis, Sex, Love Story, Friendship and Family in one show/movie? DUH! Exactly, i know i was right. :D

Ok so back with BAG BARROW OR STEAL. I personally think they are genious with renting the most fabulous, up to date, to die for things. From purses to glasses and jewelries. But why pay seasonal or weekly for a use item that you will only be borrowing? This is why i cannot be a part of this insanely genious membership. I cannot just borrow! Once ive felt it and used it<- sounds dirrty right? Lol. I just have to have it! IT has to be MINE! No returning it or barrowing it back. But with this economy? Surely spending 1000 plus for a monogram is worth it, but then how are you going to pay for your cell phone bills? or extra money for gas? This is why i would like you to look at the purses below!

Louis Vuitton= $300.00

Balenciaga Pink Metalic=$899

How is this possible? Well... They are pre owned. Still in Great Condition!!! And for those prices, their all yours. A friend of mine had told me about this one day back in Feb of this year. But i didnt pay much attention to it. Until i was looking for this Coach bag, but i knew that since it was two season ago. I would not be able to find it new. So i searched online and found these amazing site. Although they did not carry it. I was amazed about the prices.

Jillsconsignment and Ann'sfabulousfinds are both pre owned online stores, they only take what they consider items that are still in good condition. I absolutely think these stores are something to think about next time you either thought of borrowing or buying knock offs. Because for a little bit more you can purchase an authentic hand bag or jewelry instead of a fake one and you wouldnt have the pocket with hole effect. Because you can keep it! Ann's Fabulous Finds even let you do layaway! How awesome is that?

I have not tried purchasing anything from these sites yet, but a good friend of mine has. And trust me they are real. Ofcourse they wont look so new but they are in great condition and for a fraction of a new one. Sorry for this post being so long dolls, i kinda got carried away.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colorful Blob

Hey Kikays

I did this last night, i was actually going for the un even fat circle. Just wanted it to be very imperfect so that my lips would stand out. Just wanted to add different colors. To be fun. To me make up is to have fun with. We shouldnt rely on make up to look good, no one should think make up makes them look good. But instead, make shows our potential.


Hey Kikays(Filipino word for sassy/girly girls)

So i know this is pretty late post for 4th of July pics. I actually wasnt going to post this at all until, i saw them in my email. Took this with the iphone and i just keep forgetting to send it to my email, until recently. I was actually amazed on how good i caputured the fireworks. Some of them looks like a flower. So i thought this would be neat to show you guys. Like a little kid, i actually love fireworks! It makes me happy.<-DORK!

Caleb and i spent it with my family. It was pretty fun! Our first 4th of July together

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay Short or Grow Long?

Why do i have these hair dilemmas? Ahhh, i so cannot stress this. I have to be above this. I cant afford to have to think about this all the time.

Hey Kikays(Filipino word for sassy or girly girls :D)

So my hair is growing almost out of the A-Line/Bob cut, i have. I'm so torn about keeping it short for a little bit longer or growing it out. I do miss my hair being long. Because i could curl all of it or just the tip, put it up and even just tease my crown and leave it straight. So those are my "PROS," my "CONS" will be: It takes a long time to fix, because my hair is so thick. It gets so hot over summer and also its my head feels heavy. If you know what i mean.

The only thing about me that i dont like is..... How i CANT decide. On everything! It's such a hassle to be with me at dinner because i always don't know what i want. Eventhough i have been at the same restaurant forever. It still not going to change. You see, i love options. And the "IFs" like IF i get this color would it work for just what im wearing or is is versatile that i could use it for more than one occasion? Hmmm, exactly! I have been like this since i was a baby, trust me my mom has a bunch of stories how picky i am. And i do make a big deal out of small things. I tend to be Obssessive Compulsive on some things.

I have always been MAARTE! Ok now i have to explain my maarte-ness. Because i know most people hear maarte and they automatically think, OH SHE'S HIGH MAINTENANCE BECAUSE SHE IS INSECURE. But its actually not that, i do tend to love Expensive things. Its natural, im Pinay. We like Nice things. But my being Maarte is because, i would rather spend money on something that will last me as oppose to buying something that will work now but 3 months later i would need a new one.

So Kikays what do you think? Short or Long?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Joanna and Krystal's bags

Joanna's Scribble Hampton Weekend Tote

2 Wallets. 1 in guess (white, leather one) where i put cash and credit cards. and the other one in Vera Bradley (smaller one, in brown and blue) which is also what I call my "to-go" wallet. If I have run some errands, all I gota do is grab this wallet, put my driver's license, cash and debit card on it, and off I go! :)

3 pens, a post-it, and a notepad. I mentioned before too that as a "fun" fact that I keep at least 2 or 3 pens in my purse and a ketchup packet (which I already used btw for my onion rings today :(. gota, get another one to put on my bag :)) I don't know why but I just do. I need to have a notepad everywhere I go as much as possible. I sometimes would have a thought/idea pop out of nowhere that i need to jot down ASAP as i tend to have a short memory span. I guess this is what being a nursing student does to you... :p

Car Phone Charger, Wipes, Excedrin, Mints, Check book, Lotion. I suffer from bad migraines from time to time : ( so I definitely have to have this with me. I used to have a midol too on my bag, just ran out of it. Lotion is by Bath and Body in Velvet tuberose.. OMG, love the smell. :) I just recently bought the car phone charger; talking on the phone with your bf all day long who is currently living 2,000 miles away from you, you'll understand. :)

Now, my beauty stuff...
Kabuki brush, Beauty Bag, Comb/Mirror compact

What's inside:

Ponytail/Scrunchies, MAC blot powder, MAC Hello Kitty pink fish, Burt's bees, Tampon, Blotting paper, Hand Sanitizer, Elf blush, Contact lens case, Wetting drops, Hello Kitty Band-aid. I love my MAC pink fish. It smells like white chocolate, i feel like eatin it lol! I definitely need to get a new blot powder. I love burt's bees because it has that soothing and cooling sensation once applied to lips. Ponytails definitely a must especially this summer as it gets really hot in mid-day! I really don't have much inside my makeup/beauty bag, just things that I know I would definitely use all the time :)

Krystal's Neverfull

whats inside my bag:

1) my new and old organizer/planner

2) samsung cellphone

3) hairclip

4) wallet

5) peek pronto

6) itouch

7) pens

8) keys

9) true shimmer chapstick

10) mini calculator

11) appointment slips


To Enter this contest, click on the WIMB picture on top of this post. To read the rules. Im so excited to see what in your bag. Also one of this days im going to post a video on whats in my bag and say hello to you guys! Good luck and i hope you guys have as much as fun as i am with this contest!

July's WIMB will officially close on July 25. WIMB August starts at the 1st! If you did not win WIMB July, dont worry because you can still enter. All you have to do is re-post a WIMB post on your blog and link it back to WIMB August. Thanks dolls.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movie Crazy

WOW! I was thinking about what movies, i wanted to see that i have not seen this year. I asked my fiance if he could help me remember what movies we saw together. About 99% of the movies i saw was with him. Last night we went and saw Harry Potter. It was ok, i like all the HP movies anyways. Last night felt a little long. It's silly because it is a long movie, but i could actually feel it. If you know what i mean?

The deal about twilight! I know it came out December of 08. But i actually saw it in the Theatre 5 days before it came out. I didnt want to see it with any one who has seen it before because i know i would just be asking questions. But i really, really want to see it. So Caleb told me we had to be somewhere, i asked him but he says YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO SEE IT FOR YOUR SELF. We pulled in at AMC in , went inside and went straight through theatre 14<- i think. I was wondering why no one is coming in. The warning lights of the previous before the movies has just turned off. I was thinking to my self, maybe he didnt tell me what movie we were going to see because IT SUCKS! After all the previous, the movie started. I was so AMAZED it being Twilight. And we were the only ones in the theatre!!! PERIOD. I was thinking why the movie all of a sudden played ONE time, that day 5 days before it came out on DVD. And why in the hell we were the only TWO in there? Hmmmm.... Can you guess?
Ever since Up's commercial came on tv and movie previous i was DEAD set on seeing it! I always qoute it<- talk about DORKINESS! 3 nights before it came out, Caleb. Being the Nicest Fiance anyone could ever had/have. Had gotten US a pass to see it! Although i did not see it then, we did go to the premierish. I loved it! It was the saddest movie ive seen in a while.
Everytime i see the add for this movie, it makes me smile! Im so glad i dont have to go through this with my sister. I saw this with Calebs mom and dad.
Just for fun, im going to List the movies i have seen so far this year:
1. Twilight
2. My Bloody Valentine
3. Monsters vs. Aliens
4. Bride Wars
5. Confession of a shoppaholic
6. Coraline
7. 17 Again
8. He's just not that into you
9. Up
10. Angels and Demonds
11. Star Trek
12. XMen
13. Drag me to Hell
14. Land Of the Lost (Twice)
15. Transformers (Twice)
16. Ice Age
17. Harry Potter
I know i have some movies in between missing... Dont remember lol
What have you guys seen lately?

Cherie, Manju and Thiamere's WIMB

Cherie's Bag

I'm Cherie (Blogger name: littlehill). Here is the bag of my daily bag.Inside usually has my mickey mouse makeup bag, my wallet, a IPOD nano, a schedule book, coin bag and school ID.
For more details, in my makeup bag, it has the following:
Shu Uemera 2 way foundation compact
NYX Trio Eyeshadow MAC Fiece & Fabulous lipgloss
MAC Sweetie Lipstick
Clinque - Defining Power
MascaraMakeup Forever - Aqua Eyes eyeliner
Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Kanebo - T'estimo Eye Brow kit
Vaseline Lip therapy
Apivta Propoline Lip aid
Apivta Propoline Hand Care cream

Manju's Bag
1. Pendrive
2. Planner (there's more random drawings in it than reminders haha)
3. Pen (for scribbling in the planner)
4. Cellphone and phone pouch
5. Purse (Pink with polka dots, coz I love pink and I love polka dots)
6. My Ipod (I NEED it around all the time, I'd be so lost without it!)
7. Water bottle (I'm going to upgrade to one of those more eco-friendly aluminium ones soonish)8. A foldable cloth bag (I always carry it around in my bag so that if i buy stuff I can say no to plastic bags)
9. My pink Morgan De Toi umbrella (to brighten up rainy days)
10.Foldable hairbrush and mirror (love multitaskers)
13.Makeup bag (Pretty basic. It contains my Estee Lauder So ingenious powder makeup compact for touchups, Everday Minerals Lavender Mint lip balm, Any lipgloss i'm currently wearing that day, Rimmel special eyes eyeliner pencil, hair scrunchies and safety pins coz you never know when you might need them. My makeup bag's got a little laughing buddha and crystal on the keychain. My mom says it's for good fortune, she's the one who gave it to me)I also carry my house keys, but I forgot to include them in the picture.And I normally carry candy or mints or bubblegum as well, but I ate all of it while I was laying out my bag's contents for the picture. I'm so bad >_<>
Thiamere's bag
This is my's actually a bit heavy...unlike other bags, but what i like about it is that it's roomy without it looking bulky. And i definitely have to because of things that i toss in it whenever i go out..because of the 'last minute stuff'
Now let's see what's inside............
what do you know...another bag!haha!
It's my cosmetic bag...i don't bring that much now compare to before.. this was how my kikay kit (cosmetic kit) looks beforeAnyway, for starters, the main content of my bag are:
cosmetic bag
hair accessories
Often times i still throw in a bottle of water..or some candy..or some face towels.. phone is always on my pocket anyway...whichever i will need, but all of these are the basic ones...Now, let's take
a look at what's inside the other bag
cosmetic sponge - helps in removing makeup
lancome color design eyeshadow set
a small blue duffel for bobby pins & hair elastics
Fashion 21 brow duo
that black coin purse is actually a kabuki brush & sponge - refer HERE
Everyday minerals blush - i transferred it in a square container
some cotton squares
Clean & Clear facial wash (sample size)
Everyday Minerals Concealer - Intensive Medium
Avon Simply Pretty Makeup Primer
Avon ultra color rich in Sheer Pink
Lancome Bi-Facil
Everyday Minerals Start to Finish Soft Bronze rice powder - don't use foundation only this
EyeMo Eye Drops
Mac Loose Beauty Powder - Drizzlegold
Celeteque Moisturizer
Ellana Minerals Lip Pot in Infatuation
Smashbox Cooling Tint - 4
Stila Solid Perfume
Ecotools 6pc brush set
LA Colors Dual Blusher - Papaya/Nutmeg - i use this for contouring
2 way mirror in pearl shape...My Everyday Minerals Rice Powder is almost empty...i need to drop by at Beauty Bar to buy the Palladio Rice Powder...& im happy that we have it here in the Philippines!
To Enter this contest, click on the WIMB picture on top of this post. To read the rules. Im so excited to see what in your bag. Also one of this days im going to post a video on whats in my bag and say hello to you guys! Good luck and i hope you guys have as much as fun as i am with this contest!