Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay Short or Grow Long?

Why do i have these hair dilemmas? Ahhh, i so cannot stress this. I have to be above this. I cant afford to have to think about this all the time.

Hey Kikays(Filipino word for sassy or girly girls :D)

So my hair is growing almost out of the A-Line/Bob cut, i have. I'm so torn about keeping it short for a little bit longer or growing it out. I do miss my hair being long. Because i could curl all of it or just the tip, put it up and even just tease my crown and leave it straight. So those are my "PROS," my "CONS" will be: It takes a long time to fix, because my hair is so thick. It gets so hot over summer and also its my head feels heavy. If you know what i mean.

The only thing about me that i dont like is..... How i CANT decide. On everything! It's such a hassle to be with me at dinner because i always don't know what i want. Eventhough i have been at the same restaurant forever. It still not going to change. You see, i love options. And the "IFs" like IF i get this color would it work for just what im wearing or is is versatile that i could use it for more than one occasion? Hmmm, exactly! I have been like this since i was a baby, trust me my mom has a bunch of stories how picky i am. And i do make a big deal out of small things. I tend to be Obssessive Compulsive on some things.

I have always been MAARTE! Ok now i have to explain my maarte-ness. Because i know most people hear maarte and they automatically think, OH SHE'S HIGH MAINTENANCE BECAUSE SHE IS INSECURE. But its actually not that, i do tend to love Expensive things. Its natural, im Pinay. We like Nice things. But my being Maarte is because, i would rather spend money on something that will last me as oppose to buying something that will work now but 3 months later i would need a new one.

So Kikays what do you think? Short or Long?


  1. you are pretty with both short or long hair and i do understand you with your pros and cons. you point out some good pros and bad cons so it balanced it self out. its just up to you girl. either way though it would be very cute.

  2. i agree ^

    girls who can still look good with short or long hair are very rare...

    and... i like you with both...

  3. haha... i fell u gurrrrlll.... my boyfriend still don't understand this whole makeup thing. being "maarte" is understandable, its a girl thing what can we do about it. for the hair... you look cute both! but for some reason the short hair for me stands out more.but its up to you really. <3

  4. You look good in both but I'm lovin the long hair for you Len, just my opinion ^_^.

  5. honestly...

    You look good with both! :)
    which ever you pick, your still beautiful!

  6. i agree with twinsoul =) i like the long hair on you =)

  7. I love love love that middle picture where you have the long black hair, but since it's summer I say keep it short. Just for the rest of summer. Only cut it one more time && then you can start growing it out.
    This can be the best time for you to start growing it out now since you can just throw your hair into a pony tail everday.

  8. AHHHH! This is making go insane Kikays.... what to do??? Im so glad i have you girls with this maarteness... :D Thats in a good way.

  9. Have you decided yet? im so eager to know.


Hey Kikays! Thanks for the comments. Smile everday...keeps wrinkles away!!!