Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You will need:
-Sally Hansen French White Tip Kit.
-LA Colors Art Deco
-Nail Stickers.
Usually i don't put tape on my nails, but this is easier for other people so i include it in this tutorial.

It's easier to do your right hand first, but if you are a lefty then do your left hand before your right.

As soon as you painted each nail quickly remove the tape before the paint dries. This will prevent damaging your tips.

Draw black thin lines on the very top of the white. If your hands are shaky, press the finger that you are about to paint hard on an edge. Tilt it to the side and steady your hand that you are using to apply the strip with. While still pressing hard, slowly turn your finger to the opposite side. This way you can apply the strip evenly.

Do one hand at a time and allow the nail polish to set for 5 minutes before you put any sticker on it.

Ofcourse, design it how ever you like.. Play around colors and be creative. After you place your sticker then apply clear coat. This help you with keeping your nails clean. Since the sticker will have a little bump, sometimes dirt goes in there. Clear coat will seal and protect the sticker from any damages.

It's simple, easy and edgy.

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