Friday, January 29, 2010


I am definetely amazed by how blest i am to have some one such as Caleb. I feel like im sleeping and could wake up any moment now. To have someone who would do whatever it takes to make you happy is scary.

So yesterday right after we got off work, coulleges and i met up at YEN for some sushi and sake bombers! Caleb had to get me because Mike and i car pulled and i left my car at work. Ofcourse we drove separate. Ofcourse he came home 15 minutes after me, simply because of the traffic as well as the guard at the gate trying to hold me in. As soon as i got home i was a bit irritated lol. But as soon as i walked in my closet, there it was right next to my other hand bags!!!
YAY for Awesome FIANCE!
Peace, LUV & FrenchKiss

Monday, January 25, 2010

Definetely pic heavy!

AHHHH SUNDAY! For most people like my self not only that i dont work on Sunday, but i also wake up very early so that i could go to church. Me and Caleb both does by the way. And depending if we are on a schedule or we have plans or if my parents are in town, Sunday goes by so fast i feel like i should just lay and sleep all day.

We do have our routine that our body is so use to, we dont realize that we do it every Sunday... Get up at 7:30, get ready leave by 8:30 stop at Starbucks get my Soy latte with two non fat pumps of vanilla and bagel. ha ha

So yesterday, we lala gag... Went look at some stuff and walked out with a watch. Isn't it crazy when that happens?

Thanks babe you are awesome!
Monday, Monday....
Peace, Luv & FrenchKiss

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Natural and Zen foot spas.... ahhhh

I have been thinking of SPAS to go to and i came across this picture! As "NATURAL" and ZEN as they are saying it would be, i just dont think i would be comfortable enough to place my feet in water with fishes.. It also said that the fishes would eat away your dead skin. GROSS! uhm yeah i definetely do not think so.

Yes, on the floating ORCHIDS and the pretty CERAMIC. Still no to the tiny fishes though...
Well, what do you think??
Every 2 weeks pedi
Peace, LUV & FrenchKiss

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ca -LA-LA-LA Lilly

I have been OBSESSED with silk floral arrangements as well as VASES. So lately when i have some time to spare after work; i visit places such as Michaels, Pier 1 imports and local Decor shops. And when i do see stuff that i like, i get them little by little. So Caleb doesn't come home with decorations pile every where. Besides im one of those people who must finish what they have started all in one day! And when i dont, it bothers me. However with my busy schedule, it is perfect! Because i can start on something and not be able to finish it, i am way too tired to even care.

Below, are pictures of the second PROJECT that i am working on. Which is the Calla Lily arrangement. It is definetely not finish! Simply because i havent had the time to shop for some other different kind of silk flowers or stems. I thought i would share it though.

Criminal Minds... on ION Television
Peace Luv & FrenchKiss

Monday, January 18, 2010


So for Caleb's 21st birthday, since it was being MLK Day and all... We did what we could. Rich and Emily was so nice that they had us for dinner and we had a little "PARTY." Just the FOUR of us and it was a blast! Caleb seemed like he had a ton of fun and im so happy for him.

I didnt get him anything but a card. And this is all because i have a wonderfulles idea. So im making him think that since ive been so busy i dont have the time to get him gifts or something for his birthday. He has yet to see of what to come!

e This was about 7:00 pm<- Rich and Caleb had a shot of PATRON! e

They are so funny, i swear! They would be texting each other or talking to each other and call one another "PUNKIN," ofcourse it doesnt mean anything but just to be playfull; i guess this is where you can tell how close they were. HA HA

Me & Emily

Before we called the night off, we played a game of UNO; where Rich and Birthday BOY thought they are going to team up so neither Em or i win. But guess who won???


I know... im that awesome!

Peace, Luv & FrenchKiss


Sunday, January 17, 2010


What happened to SUNDAY???? it has gone by sooooo FAST!
This means that tomorrow is Monday(DUH!) making it JANUARY 18th.... Caleb's 21st birthday! WOW oh yeah and MLK day as well. So for those who are working, such as my self(dont worry i volunteer to work for it being DOUBLE TIME and a half) have a super CHILL DAY and to those who arent...


Here we go again...


Friday, January 15, 2010


Geez! I have been so busy with work... Especially waking up at 4 am to go to work at 6:00. I hope every one had a great Xmas and New Years eve as well!!! Tonight was super great, Caleb and i had dinner and then went looking around shops. I'm all about house Decoration these days! Totally, crazily in love with them.

By the way, i thought it was totally cute to tell you guys my story tonight of how sweet and appreciative i am for having a great Fiance. The chee chee versh is...

This Coach purse caught my eye, i looked at it and i told him how absolutely awesome this purse was, and then i looked at the price and the price was very much worth the purse but just not as gorgeous as the purse for it was $298.00 (and my spending habbits has been well... very mischievious). Soon after the price checking lol i put it down and went to look at earrings then i see Caleb carrying this purse around and going to the check stand. I walked out of the store thinking he was going to follow, instead he called me and asked me where i was. He got the purse and all i want to do is return it. I dont think i deserve it at all especially with my spending habbits lately!

By the way... iT PAYS to DiSCOVER!!!