Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cherie, Manju and Thiamere's WIMB

Cherie's Bag

I'm Cherie (Blogger name: littlehill). Here is the bag of my daily bag.Inside usually has my mickey mouse makeup bag, my wallet, a IPOD nano, a schedule book, coin bag and school ID.
For more details, in my makeup bag, it has the following:
Shu Uemera 2 way foundation compact
NYX Trio Eyeshadow MAC Fiece & Fabulous lipgloss
MAC Sweetie Lipstick
Clinque - Defining Power
MascaraMakeup Forever - Aqua Eyes eyeliner
Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Kanebo - T'estimo Eye Brow kit
Vaseline Lip therapy
Apivta Propoline Lip aid
Apivta Propoline Hand Care cream

Manju's Bag
1. Pendrive
2. Planner (there's more random drawings in it than reminders haha)
3. Pen (for scribbling in the planner)
4. Cellphone and phone pouch
5. Purse (Pink with polka dots, coz I love pink and I love polka dots)
6. My Ipod (I NEED it around all the time, I'd be so lost without it!)
7. Water bottle (I'm going to upgrade to one of those more eco-friendly aluminium ones soonish)8. A foldable cloth bag (I always carry it around in my bag so that if i buy stuff I can say no to plastic bags)
9. My pink Morgan De Toi umbrella (to brighten up rainy days)
10.Foldable hairbrush and mirror (love multitaskers)
13.Makeup bag (Pretty basic. It contains my Estee Lauder So ingenious powder makeup compact for touchups, Everday Minerals Lavender Mint lip balm, Any lipgloss i'm currently wearing that day, Rimmel special eyes eyeliner pencil, hair scrunchies and safety pins coz you never know when you might need them. My makeup bag's got a little laughing buddha and crystal on the keychain. My mom says it's for good fortune, she's the one who gave it to me)I also carry my house keys, but I forgot to include them in the picture.And I normally carry candy or mints or bubblegum as well, but I ate all of it while I was laying out my bag's contents for the picture. I'm so bad >_<>
Thiamere's bag
This is my's actually a bit heavy...unlike other bags, but what i like about it is that it's roomy without it looking bulky. And i definitely have to because of things that i toss in it whenever i go out..because of the 'last minute stuff'
Now let's see what's inside............
what do you know...another bag!haha!
It's my cosmetic bag...i don't bring that much now compare to before.. this was how my kikay kit (cosmetic kit) looks beforeAnyway, for starters, the main content of my bag are:
cosmetic bag
hair accessories
Often times i still throw in a bottle of water..or some candy..or some face towels.. phone is always on my pocket anyway...whichever i will need, but all of these are the basic ones...Now, let's take
a look at what's inside the other bag
cosmetic sponge - helps in removing makeup
lancome color design eyeshadow set
a small blue duffel for bobby pins & hair elastics
Fashion 21 brow duo
that black coin purse is actually a kabuki brush & sponge - refer HERE
Everyday minerals blush - i transferred it in a square container
some cotton squares
Clean & Clear facial wash (sample size)
Everyday Minerals Concealer - Intensive Medium
Avon Simply Pretty Makeup Primer
Avon ultra color rich in Sheer Pink
Lancome Bi-Facil
Everyday Minerals Start to Finish Soft Bronze rice powder - don't use foundation only this
EyeMo Eye Drops
Mac Loose Beauty Powder - Drizzlegold
Celeteque Moisturizer
Ellana Minerals Lip Pot in Infatuation
Smashbox Cooling Tint - 4
Stila Solid Perfume
Ecotools 6pc brush set
LA Colors Dual Blusher - Papaya/Nutmeg - i use this for contouring
2 way mirror in pearl shape...My Everyday Minerals Rice Powder is almost empty...i need to drop by at Beauty Bar to buy the Palladio Rice Powder...& im happy that we have it here in the Philippines!
To Enter this contest, click on the WIMB picture on top of this post. To read the rules. Im so excited to see what in your bag. Also one of this days im going to post a video on whats in my bag and say hello to you guys! Good luck and i hope you guys have as much as fun as i am with this contest!

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  1. OOoohhh i spot the contents of my bag up there!he he
    Thanks for featuring my WIMB Len :)
    i love knowing what everyone carries around. Wow Thiamere!Your makeup bag is soooo packed


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