Monday, August 3, 2009

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria

Hey Kikays.
The singer/actress Miley Cyrus teamed up with Max Azria to create a wonderful Chic with Edge clothing line. Now i know you are going to think, Hmmmm... Isnt she the girl who plays Hannah Montanah? Yes! She is, even with that fact i do think that her clothing line is fabulous. Not only because she had help wirth a well known and respectable Fashion Mogul but because her pieces could be worn by teen and 20 up. I, my self is actually going to be purchasing some pieces in her collection. Actually i might just get em all.

Now on to Max Azria, if you are not into fashion names and such; you might have heard of BCBG... Who wouldnt? It is one of the most famous designer stores out there, i personally love both BCBGirls and BCBG Max Azria. He is the CEO of BCBG MAX AZRIA GROUP and an awesome designer. So expect good designs as well as quality.

As you can see the line provides a wide variety from Rocker Edgy to Chic and Down to earth with some flair. Surprisingly this line is available at WalMart! Very very affordable. So go ahead Shop Trendy with Pocket Friendly!


  1. oh..I saw that clothing line at walmart..there are some cute tops...I like the white T's with a phone booth print...and those ruffle tops...

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  4. wow! i never knew! the pieces do look really cute =) thanks for the heads up! i can't believe it can be bought at wal-mart =P

    i'm really excited about my new jewelry blog! if you have time, i hope you can go visit =)

  5. Clothes are cool! I still can't stand her, though :P


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