Monday, July 13, 2009

Shop&Send Update

About a month ago i made a face book gift app. Where you can look around and send fashion gifts to your friends or keep it by including it on your wall post. It has anything from purses, jewelries to make up and fragrances. Later on this week i will add some apparel and shoes. It's a fun application for us ladies. You an also send guys gifts too, as for now colognes are available. Shortly you will be able to send shoes and apparell, jewelries as well.

Tell me what you guys think about it. Remember this is for people who only has Facebook. To go to this application, simply click this-> Shop&Send
I hope you guys like it!!! Have fun shopping and sending or keeping.


  1. wow thanks!!! i send some love to my facebook ladies!

  2. Oooh i like the chanel purse. cant wait for the shoes


Hey Kikays! Thanks for the comments. Smile everday...keeps wrinkles away!!!