Thursday, November 19, 2009


I know, i know!!! BUT because simply i am so excited and its killing me.
We are HOURS within seing one of the most anticipated movie of the year!
I was freaking out today when i couldnt find my most fave Rock & Republic jeans and then my Twilight t shirt that Caleb got for me to wear tonight :D
Yay for New Moon!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My 22 Birthday wish list...

Define: Wish- a specific feeling of desire.

I'm turning 22 on November 26, not only that it falls into thanks giving this year. I have to work that evening as well! Kikays it is now November 8, 2009 at 12:42 in the am! I'm just super crazy, insomniatic me. Ive been thinking of what perfect gifts i want for my fabulous day! And since it doesnt really matter to me if i get anything! I mean a card would be fine... Really!

So what the heck, i thought. I have never made a BDAY wish list. It is never too late!

1. House Pictures Hung.

-I would really love it!!! We have been living in our house for about 2 months now and we have all the pictures/paintings from the beginning but we havent hung it AT ALL! And YES, i do have a very nice replica painting of The Creation of Adam!<- Which is going in the living room, above the couch.

2. Make Up & Make Up Brushes.
-Yeah, uhm i am in desperate of some. Some how along moving the box where they were fell, thus breaking them in pieces.

3. A New Purse.

-Not so much suggesting for a new Louis Vuitton but i would love a NeverFull Monogram!

4. Sushi Dinner.
-This is pretty much self explanitory! If you live in Phoenix Az and love Sushi and some one who knows your way around Scottsdale, then you know which restaurant this picture is.

5. New Moon Tickets.

- Well You know! Uhm, i read all the books in 5 days. This is with alot of pee breaks, breakfast, lunch & dinner<- either at the table as a family or out somewhere. Oh and i manage to go Snow boarding in Colorado and join Rhett's family night! (IM A FAST READER!)

- I dont know... i just never had one. I've never been caught that much off guard. Not that im automatically expecting it or anything.

7. Juicy Couture Necklace.

- Because as i was making this list, i realize that i have bracelets and earrings but i dont have a Juicy necklace. Sad thought!

8. Tank Dress.
-Oddly i dont own a pair! Because i havent found one that fits me the best!

9. A Puppy.

-Because i am not ready to have a kid, but my house is lonely when Caleb is not home :(.

10. Dooney Clear Zebra Duffel.
-I saw one when Caleb and i went to Cali and i just fell in love with it. Ofcourse he was asking me if i want it and i was all shy and just walked away.

11. Get My NAILS done.

-Because my nails have had their "VACATION" from constantly getting them done. Their not thin and they are not sensitive anymore.

12. A NEW pair of Sunglasses.
-I havent gotten a pair in months!

And if some how, i got everything that i have in this list. Well, lets just be real. I know i wont! And i am PERFECTLY fine with that :D Ok wait! I have to have the New Moon Tickets! ha ha

Peace, LUV & FrenchKISS

Just because...

he thinks i deserve them...

So a few days ago i threw out the single rose boquet that Caleb had gotten me a few weeks ago. Surprisingly the flowers that i recieve from him always lasts two weeks and a few days. Last Thursday, we did not see each other until 8:30 pm. Caleb gets up at 5 and leave for work at 5:30, comes home at 4:30 thats with work and an hour of workout! In Tuesdays and Thursdays he goes to school at night. Depending on what time i work that day, i may or may not see him all day. I know he was hungry and he doesnt really eat dinner by himself unless he knows that i wont come home later that day. But he knew i come home around he did, only i didnt tell him that i come home 2 hours before he will. I wanted to surprise him. This is just how we are with each other. Always trying to surprise each other.

I thought i got it all figured out. He is gonna come home and smell the meat balls and we will eat. Instead he comes home with a dozen of Pink Ecuadorian Roses! And im like WhaT THE HECK? <- thats always my reaction when he caught me off guard. So then im like "Why?" His answer are always short and sweet! Just because... you deserve them mahal(love in Tagalog, thats one of the names we call each other)

Dinner time! I love our Bistro Table! Sorry about his Gym bag on the love seat.

My GIANT Meatballs! Since he doesnt eat carbs or fattening food, or greasy foods or anything thats not healthy lol. He just eats Two Giant Meatballs!

And this is my plate! My meat ball isnt as big as his dont worry! lol Below is the recipe of my GIANT MEATBALLS FOR CALEB! It's so HEALTHY that its BAKED!!!

*Len's Giant Meatballs for Caleb*
1 lb lean ground beef
1 Egg
2 Tbsp. water
1/4 Cup minced red onion
1/2 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
1/8 tsp. parsley
1/2 tsp. chopped fresh Basil
5 Pcs of fres White button mushrooms cut in half. (For the spaghetti sauce)
1 Reg bottle of your favorite spaghetti sauce. (I use Ragu Garden Vegetable)
Pre heat oven for 350
Combine all ingridients in a big bowl
Form meatballs(as big or as small as how you want them to be)
Depends on how big your meatballs are, it usually take 25-30 mins or until its no longer pink inside.
-I hope you love them, how Caleb does!
Peace, Luv & FrenchKiss

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bebe's Heart

Hey Pretty Kikays! For all you Bebe lovers out there, such as my self! Bebe has launch their fragrance recently. It smells absolutely fabulous, wether you are on a romantic date or just everyday use. The smell lasts for a very long time; so the money you spent to get it is worth it besides you dont have to spray morethan twice!

3.4 FL OZ $65.00

1.7 FL OZ $49.50

Of course both are available online at under fragrance and in stores as well. And if you happen to visit the store, dont forget to ask an associate for a free perfume cented puffs for your closet or just anywhere you want to put it in.

Peace- Luv & FrenchKiss

Strawberry Kisses

Hey Kikays..
I know Halloween has already passed and this might be way too late but late is better than never right? By the way, i hope every one had fun and expressed your individuality ofcourse artistically. Wether you were a Vampire or a Nurse, hopefully yours was as fun as mine.
Cuz i had alot of fun! I was a Strawberry Doll! lol So i basically just had fun with colors and Pink had alot to do with it simply because my dress is pink.. Now the Blue eyeshadow was inspired by one of my bows, which i wore that night. And the Green Heart lips is because of the Green Stocking that came with the outfit.
I will post some pics from that night with my friends and the full out fit pics!

What were you for Halloween???

Peace-Luv & FrenchKiss