Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's In My Bag Contest

Girls, i'd love to see what's in your bag! Like i said before, it doesnt have to be designer or name brand anything, just would love to see what you carry. As far as price goes, it will definetely change. It would not be the same as this Glamour To Go palette. Please Read How To Enter. There will not be a winner if less than 10 people enter. But i will add those who has enter to the next 15 days. I will also be featuring your WIMB on here.

How To Enter:
-You must be a FOLLOWER.
-If you have a blog, post about it, link it to my page.
-Post it on Twitter ~ IF YOU HAVE TWITTER.

You have to Send me an email at with your name and a picture of what's inside your bag. A list of what's in it. Because we dont want repeated questions.

Drawing will be every 15 days. So Yes, Twice a month. You can enter twice a month, ofcourse with different pictures. The maximum entry per contestant is 4, this includes you sending me a pic with discriptions, following, your blogpost and Twitter.

If you left me a comment and there was no blog post or/and an email from you with your WIMB, i will not enter you. Sorry ): and Good Luck girls!!!


  1. hi len, sali me ^_^.

    Follower - Yes
    Post in my blog - Yes
    Here's the link:

    Email picture of what's inside my bag : To follow ahaha (maya ko na email len)

    Goodluck to me ^_^ wew

  2. Hey Len! I just emailed you and twittered about it. And here's the link to my entry. Hope you like it!!

  3. Hi Len, I entered your contest.
    I already sent it to you on your email-

    and here is the link of my entry

  4. hey Len! I just finished sending you my entry through e-mail, I already posted a blog and link ,and I'm already a follower. Here's the link:

  5. Hey Len!

    I just did a blog entry to this contest. Here's the link to my page:

    Also, I sent u the email already. and I'm a follower too of course. thank you for doing this contest! xoxo

  6. Hi Len,

    I am very excited to join your contest. This is my first time to ever join a still active contest. Just finished emailing you the picture and the lists of whats inside my bag. I am already a follower of your site and also posted ur contest in twitter here's the link This is my blog and the link

  7. whoopee!
    im done with my entry!

    click HERE to see what's in my bag

    click HERE for the blog post

    email is on its way to your inbox

  8. i'm done with my entry. just sent you an email

  9. Hi there!!~

    I'm a new follower of your.
    The link of my post:

    Emailed the details to your email!~

    Thanks! =)

  10. Follower? CHECK!

    Blog? CHECK!

    Twitter? CHECK!

    e-mail? CHECK!

    alrighty. . . I believe my mission is complete. GOOD LUCK LADIES!

  11. hey girl hope you got my email><

    this is a link to my WIMB post anyways--


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