Monday, August 30, 2010

Grilled Chicken

That i made a couple of days ago! I know, i know. Better late than never though. Since we got our own grill back in June, we pretty much use it every weekend. Of course when we are not working.

Here are the ingredients(for 4 large chicken breast):

Lean Chicken breast(that i have cut 3 small slit per breast). We don't get any name brand meat or poultry, we simply support our local Fry's Grocery store.

For the seasoned herb to coat(not marinate) the chicken:

- 1 1/2 Stick of butter.
- 1/2 tbs of grated fresh Parmesan cheese(but of course you can use the ones that comes in the container)
- 1/2 tsp lemon pepper.
- 1/4 tsp garlic powder.
- 1/4 tsp seasoned salt.

* Add all the ingredients except the Parmesan cheese in a bowl. Pop in the microwave for just 15 seconds. Just enough for the butter to melt. Then add the cheese.

I took this picture after i grilled the chicken. So it looks almost empty!

I like to coat the top first. Then when i put it on the grill, i face the coated side down.

Each time i flip the chicken i coat it.

TA DA! It's nothing really fancy, just how i grill my chicken :D


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Though, i do not expect any of this to happen. I thought it would be fun to create my perfect bday party. I need to get some things out of my head for a little bit anyways. And just because i do have these things in mind for a perfect 23rd birthday party; does not mean that this is what it takes to have my perfect party. Honestly, i don't even care if i do get a party. Nor if there is any decoration, cakes or even gifts. Just as long as my husband and loves ones are with me that day.

But of course, im a Hello Kitty kind of girl! Have been since i was born. Like i said before. It comes naturally when you are Asian. I guess you can say that Dora is the States Hello Kitty. Icon wise, on little girls. Some things you are just born into watching and liking.

And i always will have the love for flowers, balloons and colors. I think it is a part of my whimsical ways.

^ Totally reminds me of Juicy Couture.. So colorful, bright and clean! Probably one of the reason why i love Juicy so much.

And of course, some of my favorite flowers... Gerber Daisies and hydrangeas in light pink and green, bright yellow and white!

OH! The paper lanterns... Are so pretty whether they are inside or out!

SUPER big balloonie woonies!<- i have called balloons that name since i was little and no, its not changing! Floating in air!

And small ones... placed everywhere!
So YES! It is a bit extravagant, my perfect/dream birthday party. And like i said i would be happy just to have those i love around me on this day. So why not dream, its free! Let me see what your perfect day would be.

Insomnia tic ME

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get them done!

So i have been thinking of getting my nails and a pedi today. Most of the time i get my nails pretty plain, as in just white tip. Sometimes i do have colors. But never the 3d designs. I never thought i want to get one. Until i saw some one who had her nails done with little desserts(cakes, pastries and candies) when i was in Hawaii thi summer. To be honest, and nothing against the 3d designs; but they can get pretty tacky. But since i saw those on that girl, i thought id try them. Ofcourse i didnt want the same things she has, instead i wanted... Hello Kitty!<- Now who could have guessed that? lol

So i went to research, to see some ideas on what they might look like. Although i dont think i will get as crazy as some the pictures as i saw online. I do want some kind of Hello Kitty there somewhere. Even if it was just painted on.

But i do... love the design on these toes :D

Mani.. Pedi.. Love

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Other French!

They complete our little family! Since Caleb and i don't have any kids,(yet) our house; just the two of us is great. However when the other one is at work and the other have that day off it can get pretty sad. These two, definitely make the house come to life. Just by being playful, lazy, furry, loving and most importantly them selves. They love us, the way we love them. Unconditionally!

We added Tink to our family, as a 21st birthday gift to daddy :D . She is so hyper! Without any explanation. She loves to cuddle and run around the back yard. She is SUPER lazy and definitely loves company. She hates bath but doesn't mind getting dried off! Movies are something she can sit and watch... or she falls asleep in the couch! She sits in her spot when she knows it is time to eat! Caleb and i love the Tinkerbell movies(silly, right? but they are actually good and funny. also a moral story you can learn from.) Believe it or not, Caleb named her. Tinkerbell is a Lab and Aussie mix! When she was a puppy she got out of our back yard and i was so scared because there are coyote in the wash. And havalinas. She came back 3 minutes later. I told her not to do that anymore. And She never did!

Uggy the ChiPuggy in the other hand is very sweet, loves to cuddle, loves to be where you are. Who will look at you right the eye and smile! Although he doesn't know what "sit" means, he twirls every time he is excited! He loves ATTENTION! He does not eat very much and would rather drink his water. He doesn't really mind taking a bath, but boy does he NOT like the hair blower! He freaks out every time we try to dry him. Uggy, when unattended in the back yard; loves to go through the fence and visit other neighbors yard. One day, I let Tink and Uggy played out back. About 5 minutes later a neighbor was at the front door and asked us if we have a little brown dog? By the time Caleb had gone to our neighbors back yard, Uggy was back in ours. That was the day after we got him. Uggy is a Chihuahua and Pug Mix! He is tiny like Chihuahua but his personality and his face is Pug. Thank God! Because i don't know if i can handle the barking! Caleb got him, as a gift. I originally want a Yorkie Smorkie. But i would not change a thing!

Tink was such a cute puppy! And now a beautiful Dog.

Family: Means, NOBODY gets left behind!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My husband and i have been thinking of getting a new couch set. I want dark colors though. Thinking about suede more than Italian leathers. Just don't want to be maintaining leathers, besides we have two doggies. For about a year now this is what my living room looks like. Of course the other side of the room was not pictured.

I just now realized that the picture is crooked! ha ha

We have the sound system in the armoire.

Any one have any ideas? Since this pictures Ive actually switched and put new decor around those two side tables. The lamps were still the same though. We also are in the process of purchasing a new house. Our two bedroom, two bath is too small for us. And this is actually the time to take advantage of the economy. Buying a house. Besides, i really want a house with a pool :D

I HATE moving though... *sigh*

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2Day'sLook: In the office

If most of you dolls work where you do have control of your wardrobe; This is for you. Wednesday to me is definitely the cherry on top for weekdays. Why? Well, you are already in the middle!!! The weekend is only two days away. *be an ATTITUDY POSITUDY!*<- this is what people use to call me when i was a little girl. These days when i meet new people, every time that the "where do you work?" question comes in. For some reason i always get the. "I don't think i can work in the office.. to boring" or "You always have to dress up", it does not bother me at all. But of course there are who care about what others think.

To me, ladies who work in the office can be colorful, fun, and still sophisticated. Little things do add up and make you stand out of crowds. Such as colors, ruffles, belts and accessories. For example the picture above; the shoes, slacks and the purse subtle the bright pink ruffled blouse. Which you can still wear jewelries. But you do have to pick and choose. Stud earrings and i would say no to necklace, only because the blouse has ruffles and a bow which would only make it to busy and too much. Of course you want your colleague to pay attention to you, not be dizzy. In this case no bracelet but a gotti ring. You can do! Keep in mind that where ever you work always be your self and spice up any outfit with your own style!

Getting tired, need mucho sleep. Hope every one has a great night sleep and AWESOME Wednesday!!!

*POP* with all that colors!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pic heavy

I love, love, love, love, love, love head bands, hair clips, bobby pins, flowers... Just anything really that is pretty that i can put on my hair! Im on a HUNT! to find the most cutest, colorful pretty hair pieces. So i want to share some pics with you!

Juicy Couture Bobby Pins

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture

Actually, when i have some free time; i will make some! Flowers for hair... lol

Pins, pins and pins!