Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hi guys! I hope yall had a great weekend!!! I sure did, spent it with Caleb and Natalie. For those Who are entering the contest...Yay, im so excited to see whats In your bag! It is going to be so much fun ladies. And my followers are growing! Wooho. I hope i dont dissapoint you guys. And of course for those who reads my blog, please do not stop. Drop me a comment, i would love to hear from all of you. Thanks guys! Ok so like i said before, i will mpost a video and introduce my self as well as show you girls whats in my bag. To be fair. I think i should go through it as well.

Caleb and i's newest Obsession.... FROYO! Yum!!! Started two months ago, try it out guys it is absolutely a great treat for all ages. We tried Red Mango as well but did not like it as much as Mojo's. It's on OUR JOINT top list :D.

Ok, i know, i know every one just about had it with the hype of Twilight Saga. But i do love it! i mean i read my books, each almost just one day. I tried to slow my reading process but as silly and corney as this sound, i fell inlove with the story line. I cannot wait for the New Moon to come out, it comes out 6 days before my 22nd birthday. Woohoo

Building my Wedding Songs to put in the back ground of my wedding video in the Philippines. Here's what i got so far. I would love to know what you guys think and if you have any suggestion or comments, please let me know :D.

1. Written In The Stars(Not the whole song just after the second verse.)
-Our pictures together, two clips of the "reason why we love each other"<- that was said at the reception, will be played 40 seconds in between each.

2. The Gift
Jim Brickman
-This is going to be at the very beggining of the video, where they show his pictures. From baby to now :D

3. For All of My Life
-The second song, which will be playing when my picture show is going on.

4. It Might Be You
-Fourth song and will be playing, while Caleb is getting ready :D Putting on his suite and all of that fun stuff. Also He will speak out and tell them an embarassing story about me. It's not suppose to bring me down, just something silly.

5. The Greatest Gift Of All
Michelle Wright
- When im getting my make up and hair done with our fabulous make up artist :D. And my turn to share an embarassing moment of Caleb lol. PAYBACK! ha ha

6. It's Your Love
Gil Ofarim
-This will be playing on our way to church and getting ready to walk down the isle.

7. This Very Moment
K-ci & Jojo
-This song will start playing as soon as The minister says "YOU MAY KISS YOUR BRIDE"

8. How Did You Know?
Aiza Seguerra
-Finishing up in the Church, during pictures of bridal party(Filipino Tradish) and arriving at the reception place.

9. When The Stars Go Blue
Tim McGraw
-At the Reception, we tell each other why we LOVE each other

-Random from reception including the cake cutting part.

11. Some Where Over The Rainbow
Iz Kamakawiwo Ole
-Just the first MINUTE and TWO SECONDS of the song, where we just look at each other and say I LOVE YOU and walk to the car hand in hand to leave :D

I promise you this, i am not this kind of person. But we thought its very unique and quite amusing. So Why not?


  1. wow I love the all the songs.. they are very heart felt and perfect for your day!

  2. I will find the other songs I haven't heard yet. I'm curious ^_^.

  3. wedding songs are difficult huh? mojo's sounds good right now, its too hot.


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