Saturday, July 11, 2009

Karen's Armani

Karen is the very first girl, i talked to on here. I have been way excited to see what is inside her bag, seeing her blog and whats she has on it. I knew it was going to be worth the wait.

Lucky Magazine - I just got it, and I wanted to read it when I was on a break at work.

Keys - House key, little jap girl that my bestie got for me, keychain that blinks my name, guitar keychain from destin my co worker got me, CVS member card, Benz keychain? (I just think it's cute, lol), Virgin Islands keychain from a friend. --My friends know to get me keychains cause I LOVE THEM--

Pink Zebra Wallet - I got this at Charlotte Russe for 8.99! So cute and so ME!
KISS my FACE lip balm- smells like peaches with an spf 15. --you really can't ask for more! =)

Visine - Ever since I stabbed myself in the eye one day with eyeliner and had a pink eye while shopping, I never go without my visine.
BLACK ciggarettes - Yes, I do smoke, not too often. But I do smoke.

MAC salve - I haven't really used it much, but it's a good thing to carry around, you can use it for anything

PURE mints - I love these! YUMMY! and it has a mirror in it!! crazy huh? LOLNYC brow liner - Taupe, works really well. Only needs one application, but i'm pretty paranoidGlasses - I need to wear glasses when I'm driving really far in the dark. otherwise I just wear them to change it up a little. =)

Clinique moisturizer - for very dry skin to dry combination skin. I LOVE THIS!! omg, my second day using this and I feel like it's magic. I have very dry skin, but this makes it feel so smooth and helps my flaking and peeling.

MaryKay perfume - I've had this since I was 14.. Lol, and I love it. I don't really know what smell it is. But on the bottle it says embrace Dreams?

Air Freshener - Baby Powder. Ever walk into a room and it was funky? and you didn't know what to say? I spray this when they're not looking. =)

Purel Hand Sanitizer - Get it.. lol. it's necessary

Vaseline Hand Lotion - Works okay, leaves my hands feeling a little greasy after a while. But if my hands are really dry, they don't feel greasy.

Black Hair Clip - Just for when I don't want my hair down at the moment and clip it up

Cellphone - Samsung Behold in Pink Rose
---Makeup Items in my purse---
Cargo MascaraUrban Decay Big Fatty Mascara Waterproof

Too faced Lash Injection ^^^ - I know 3 mascaras seems a little excessive.. but whatever.=)

Mac Lipstick in Madly Creative - I'm stuck on this lipstick! I wanna wear it every day!

NARS bronzer brush - Brush for touch up on bronzer

NARS lipgloss in Orgasm - Lipgloss!!! Just in case =)

Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero- Touch ups for that waterline

Burt's Bees lip balm - Moisturized lips are a girls number 1 must haveStila Bronzer in Shade 1 -
Whenever I touch up my face, I only use a bronzer to make me feel sexier or flawless. It really helps me, and I think bronzer makes any girl look pretty. Well, the right bronzer of course.

To Enter this contest, click on the WIMB picture on top of this post. To read the rules. Im so excited to see what in your bag. Also one of this days im going to post a video on whats in my bag and say hello to you guys! Good luck and i hope you guys have as much as fun as i am with this contest!

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