Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As a fashionista, i love to see what other girls have inside their purses. And to me, it doesn't have to be just labels. Just as long as i like it and it's cute. Don't get me wrong, i do own alot of designer bags. And the reason behind that is, that it last for a long time. So back to me wanting to see what's inside your bag. I know that most girls don't have the time to be taking pictures of their purses and then sending it to me. So i decided to have a contest. Which is going to be sponsored by my AWESOME FIANCE..... CALEB!

How to Enter.
-You must be a FOLLOWER.
-If you have a blog, post about it, link it to my page.
-Post it on Twitter- IF YOU HAVE TWITTER.

You have to Send me an email at with your name and a picture of what's inside your bag. A list of what's in it. Because we dont want repeated questions.

Drawing will be every 15 days. So Yes, Twice a month. You can enter twice a month, ofcourse with different pictures. The maximum entry per contestant is 4.


  1. Sounds fun! I'll do an entry post ^^,

  2. lol. I love the fact that you're giving away the only thing that you got that one day at the mall when it was packed. But this does sound FUN. I'll do an entry post too. =)

  3. What a good idea! Although I have all kinds of rubbish in my purse. I think at the moment I even have a stethoscope... =_=;; Err...

  4. oooh sounds real fun! but what if I don't have a twitter account? lol


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