Sunday, June 14, 2009

Make Up Mission FAILED

My recent cosmetic purchase!!!!! From Nordstrom. With my awesomely possumly Fiance. Who not once complained about walking back and fort with me through Sephora, Nordstrom and then back to MAC for the fifteenth time lol.

The real reason why we were running back and fort so much was originally we were going to MAC for some make up. But when we got there, it was full pack!!! I mean you wouldnt even believe how much people were inside. So then i told him that we are going to let this crowed die down and then we will go back. So then we went to the other side of the mall, we got there and the same deal was happening. MAC was packed. UGHHH i was a little frustrated. But then i thought, im going to look at Stilla and Two Faced while im there. So i looked through the colors and saw the Glamour To Go palette. I loved the colors. But did not get it. Finally i thought i need some primer and i want Urban Decay. So we crossed the street, to the other side; on the first floor. We got to Sephora and suddenly the primer potion was not appealing to me anymore. We figured we'd go back to MAC since it was a little while since we left. MAC was still packed. So i just started going through customers and trying on shades on my arm. I wanted to do a 4 palette but every one was applying make up to customers. So finally i just said, were going to Sephora to get some palettes. We got to Sephora and i just cant make up my mind because i was dead set on getting some from MAC. I gave up on my make up mission. I recieved no complaint, no attitude from Caleb. When we were on our way out, i realized i wanted the Two Faced palette. So we went back to Nordstrom and got it.

YES..... I know! How horrible i was!!!

This is the reason why i wanted to post this. Because eventhough its not a haul, the things i went through for my make up mission. Which by the way is still not done yet.

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