Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dress Fitting

This is the first dress i tried! I loved it... Its my fave also. The beading and sequences on this very dress is absolutely amazing! I am 98% sure about this dress.

This is the second dress, the skirt material is made of tule..

The third dress that i tried on, she was jelous of my canary diamond. She loved it

The fourth dress, with the different sash or ribbon. If i do the 3 color theme; i would definetely wear the canary sash and have my maid of honor wear that color also. I did love this dress, although its plain. I would love it more if it had some beading.

This is with the pool color, i loved it too..

So this is the fifth dress, i liked it too. Ive tried on morethan five dresses but most of them as soon as i saw it on me in the mirror i was just like "NEXT PLEASE" some of them were kind of saddening. Becase my height. lol

Which one did you guys like the most??


  1. i like the first one. are you planning to wear two dresses? or wearing just one for the reception also?

  2. im going to just wear one. its pointless to buy two dresses to wear in one day besides i didnt want to take the first one off ha ha. i loved it so much, after i have my fitting with Vera Wang im going to make my decision... :D

  3. I love the first one, and but i love the dress with the ribbon too. It's just wonderful. I'm so happy for you!!


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