Friday, June 12, 2009

Better Late than NEVER!

Ok so this happened like last month, but then i got so busy that i didnt get the chance to post it. So i am doing it! Mostly because i am so GREATFUL to have a FIANCE like CALEB!

Miraculously for some good and odd reason... I get what i want! This is soo weird. Well the other day i was talking about wanting to get this shirt from Ed Hardy, but for some reason it was out of stock. Ofcourse my awesomely possumly boytoy knew something was bothering me. We were talking about it and he was shockingly cool about it. He wasn't as comforting as i would love him to be(like all the time.) Turns out he got me the shirt that i wanted. Not knowing i was hunting for it! And ofcourse he didnt tell me he was getting me anything because he would know that i wouldn't approve of him spending anymorethan he already has been to me. So tonight right before i took a shower he made me close my eyes and look the other way. And he was holding it on. Saying stuff like "This is so my style!" And Christopher(my nephew) was just laughing at the whole deal.

Its like. We can read each other's mind......Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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