Thursday, June 11, 2009


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I love make up, i love jewelries, i love clothes! But i'm a PURSAHOLIC! Probably since i was a little girl. So while at the office today, before i started doing paperworks. I was browsing through FACEBOOK, and how i have gotten alot of application request from my friends ofcourse! There was one that you could send perfumes, one was sending a friend a pet. Although they were nothing morethan pictures. And the more you send friends who accepted your "Gift" to them. The more chance you will get at unlocking items. Oh yeah there was another one, Whack someone with a pillow or something. I try to be nice and accept them anyways. THEN SUDDENLY IT HIT ME! I want to make a Gift giving application. Something i would really enjoying checking everyday. Well ofcourse not just me, there are alot of girls out there who loves Handbags! So then, while signing some papers and reading updates. I started multitasking. I made my first app. SHOP&SEND.

Where you can Shop(look around) and send friends purses. When i get more time, i will add shoes, sunglasses and everything. It may not seem like it is for guys as well but, give me some time and there are going to be some for guys. Its going to be updated as the new trends for shirts, clothes, accesories and even make up. All sorts of brands. Both new and past season will be feature. Check it out!

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