Monday, June 15, 2009

Here are my top 4 wedding gowns. I still cannot make a decision on which one i want. Making good progress though. Hopefully i dont change my mind or add another dress to choose from. Since i have done that with the last two. Yes, i started with the two bottom dress. And i told my self, this is my top two... I do not want anything else, but i was bored one day and started looking online and found the third one. I dont really like the top part but i love the skirt part. Same goes when i found it, i said thats it! Blah, blah, blah.
The very last one, which is the one on top. Is from the movie 27 dresses. It's the one that her sister wore. And i just fell in love with it! Which is very different from what i had originally had in mind. But still fabulous....
What do you guys think?


  1. OMG. the last dress is the one. Wow. It seriously makes me happy just looking at it.

  2. Wait, do you mean the bottom dress?

  3. Since you don't have a commentbox, I'll just reply to your comment here :) There are quite a lot pinay bloggers now actually, at first I didn't knew that too. But then I followed a pinay blogger, then they all start popping out. Haha. You know how it is, us pinays stick together. Haha.

    Oh! You're getting married? :) Aaaaw ^^, I like the bottom dress. So elegant ;)

    And I'm following you now ;D


Hey Kikays! Thanks for the comments. Smile everday...keeps wrinkles away!!!