Monday, June 8, 2009

Canary Diamond

Just recently my awesome boyfriend just proposed to me! He had done it in such a romantic way, especially if i had cooperated. He did it where he had asked me out. I personally love games and very competitive and always have to be WINNING. He insisted we walk, so we did. When we got to the place, i started wandering off on my own and he kept calling me. Finally he probably figured that he would have to do it under my term, the so called "GAME" he wanted to play. The "GAME" was with a ring pop(you know, a ring that has a candy as the ROCK.) He showed me the ring pop and then asked me to close my eyes. So that i could guess the color, he said that its one of those that changes colors. I was thinking to my self, he was full of it. But i did what he instructed me and closed my eyes. I guess what color the ring pop was and after the "are you sure?" question that he asked me over and over again, he told me that i could open my eyes so i did.

So there it was a ring filled with diamond and in the center was this Canary diamond! He asked me to marry him so i said YES!

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