Sunday, August 29, 2010

Though, i do not expect any of this to happen. I thought it would be fun to create my perfect bday party. I need to get some things out of my head for a little bit anyways. And just because i do have these things in mind for a perfect 23rd birthday party; does not mean that this is what it takes to have my perfect party. Honestly, i don't even care if i do get a party. Nor if there is any decoration, cakes or even gifts. Just as long as my husband and loves ones are with me that day.

But of course, im a Hello Kitty kind of girl! Have been since i was born. Like i said before. It comes naturally when you are Asian. I guess you can say that Dora is the States Hello Kitty. Icon wise, on little girls. Some things you are just born into watching and liking.

And i always will have the love for flowers, balloons and colors. I think it is a part of my whimsical ways.

^ Totally reminds me of Juicy Couture.. So colorful, bright and clean! Probably one of the reason why i love Juicy so much.

And of course, some of my favorite flowers... Gerber Daisies and hydrangeas in light pink and green, bright yellow and white!

OH! The paper lanterns... Are so pretty whether they are inside or out!

SUPER big balloonie woonies!<- i have called balloons that name since i was little and no, its not changing! Floating in air!

And small ones... placed everywhere!
So YES! It is a bit extravagant, my perfect/dream birthday party. And like i said i would be happy just to have those i love around me on this day. So why not dream, its free! Let me see what your perfect day would be.

Insomnia tic ME

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