Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Other French!

They complete our little family! Since Caleb and i don't have any kids,(yet) our house; just the two of us is great. However when the other one is at work and the other have that day off it can get pretty sad. These two, definitely make the house come to life. Just by being playful, lazy, furry, loving and most importantly them selves. They love us, the way we love them. Unconditionally!

We added Tink to our family, as a 21st birthday gift to daddy :D . She is so hyper! Without any explanation. She loves to cuddle and run around the back yard. She is SUPER lazy and definitely loves company. She hates bath but doesn't mind getting dried off! Movies are something she can sit and watch... or she falls asleep in the couch! She sits in her spot when she knows it is time to eat! Caleb and i love the Tinkerbell movies(silly, right? but they are actually good and funny. also a moral story you can learn from.) Believe it or not, Caleb named her. Tinkerbell is a Lab and Aussie mix! When she was a puppy she got out of our back yard and i was so scared because there are coyote in the wash. And havalinas. She came back 3 minutes later. I told her not to do that anymore. And She never did!

Uggy the ChiPuggy in the other hand is very sweet, loves to cuddle, loves to be where you are. Who will look at you right the eye and smile! Although he doesn't know what "sit" means, he twirls every time he is excited! He loves ATTENTION! He does not eat very much and would rather drink his water. He doesn't really mind taking a bath, but boy does he NOT like the hair blower! He freaks out every time we try to dry him. Uggy, when unattended in the back yard; loves to go through the fence and visit other neighbors yard. One day, I let Tink and Uggy played out back. About 5 minutes later a neighbor was at the front door and asked us if we have a little brown dog? By the time Caleb had gone to our neighbors back yard, Uggy was back in ours. That was the day after we got him. Uggy is a Chihuahua and Pug Mix! He is tiny like Chihuahua but his personality and his face is Pug. Thank God! Because i don't know if i can handle the barking! Caleb got him, as a gift. I originally want a Yorkie Smorkie. But i would not change a thing!

Tink was such a cute puppy! And now a beautiful Dog.

Family: Means, NOBODY gets left behind!

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