Sunday, August 8, 2010

Better than never

While Caleb and i were in the Philippines, we missed one of our friends 21st birthday. Which was definitely sad!!! And due to several conflict her bf was not able to throw her a party. The following Saturday from when we got back; as usual we all went out and spent time with each other, despite of the gifts she had her 21st was never really celebrated properly. And i mean come on now! You have to at least have a party! Its the last before you turn the big 50 and lets face it, that's a long time. So that night while, still... Sipping martinis i decided I'm going to throw her a surprise party the next day. I definitely took advantage when she would get up and go to the rest room to talk to her man and mine..

Sometimes, in weekends Caleb and i have BBQ party, which we always invite them to. So when i invited her and her bf it was not something unusual. She totally thought we are just having a relax Sunday BBQ at my house.

Rel and her Cake :D

Was such a really simple and cute cake.

Because the Stem was too long, i decided to put the flowers in Wine bottles.

I thought it was such a clever idea!

I also tried to put ribbons everywhere...

And Rose petals on the coffee table and bistro table.

Balloons where spread throughout the entire house!

So this is basically what the house looks like from the kitchen point of view.

After we open the door and screamed SURPRISE happy birthday to Rel, we all walked into the kitchen and on the bistro table was a card and a Pink Citrus & Mint Body Mist. As suspected Rel is very grateful for the little thing. Then when she leased expected it we(Caleb and i) went into our bed room and got a bag. Her eyes got so big when she found out that it was for her.

Our raspberry ices!

Picture Time!

Balloon Fight!

I also made Cranberry and Malibu! Yummy stuff

The night after the party she posted these in Fb... Loved the surprise party, the food, drinks and the gifts Caleb and i got her :D

The Picture of the purse we got her on her bed.

Surprise party is a Must!

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