Sunday, August 22, 2010

My husband and i have been thinking of getting a new couch set. I want dark colors though. Thinking about suede more than Italian leathers. Just don't want to be maintaining leathers, besides we have two doggies. For about a year now this is what my living room looks like. Of course the other side of the room was not pictured.

I just now realized that the picture is crooked! ha ha

We have the sound system in the armoire.

Any one have any ideas? Since this pictures Ive actually switched and put new decor around those two side tables. The lamps were still the same though. We also are in the process of purchasing a new house. Our two bedroom, two bath is too small for us. And this is actually the time to take advantage of the economy. Buying a house. Besides, i really want a house with a pool :D

I HATE moving though... *sigh*

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