Thursday, August 26, 2010

Get them done!

So i have been thinking of getting my nails and a pedi today. Most of the time i get my nails pretty plain, as in just white tip. Sometimes i do have colors. But never the 3d designs. I never thought i want to get one. Until i saw some one who had her nails done with little desserts(cakes, pastries and candies) when i was in Hawaii thi summer. To be honest, and nothing against the 3d designs; but they can get pretty tacky. But since i saw those on that girl, i thought id try them. Ofcourse i didnt want the same things she has, instead i wanted... Hello Kitty!<- Now who could have guessed that? lol

So i went to research, to see some ideas on what they might look like. Although i dont think i will get as crazy as some the pictures as i saw online. I do want some kind of Hello Kitty there somewhere. Even if it was just painted on.

But i do... love the design on these toes :D

Mani.. Pedi.. Love

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