Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2Day'sLook: In the office

If most of you dolls work where you do have control of your wardrobe; This is for you. Wednesday to me is definitely the cherry on top for weekdays. Why? Well, you are already in the middle!!! The weekend is only two days away. *be an ATTITUDY POSITUDY!*<- this is what people use to call me when i was a little girl. These days when i meet new people, every time that the "where do you work?" question comes in. For some reason i always get the. "I don't think i can work in the office.. to boring" or "You always have to dress up", it does not bother me at all. But of course there are who care about what others think.

To me, ladies who work in the office can be colorful, fun, and still sophisticated. Little things do add up and make you stand out of crowds. Such as colors, ruffles, belts and accessories. For example the picture above; the shoes, slacks and the purse subtle the bright pink ruffled blouse. Which you can still wear jewelries. But you do have to pick and choose. Stud earrings and i would say no to necklace, only because the blouse has ruffles and a bow which would only make it to busy and too much. Of course you want your colleague to pay attention to you, not be dizzy. In this case no bracelet but a gotti ring. You can do! Keep in mind that where ever you work always be your self and spice up any outfit with your own style!

Getting tired, need mucho sleep. Hope every one has a great night sleep and AWESOME Wednesday!!!

*POP* with all that colors!


Hey Kikays! Thanks for the comments. Smile everday...keeps wrinkles away!!!