Friday, August 6, 2010

im a MRS. now!!!

Finally! After waiting for 1 year and two months, Caleb and i got married on July 12 2010. In Iglesia Ni Cristo church locale of Bago Bantay @ 4:00 pm! On the day of my wedding i remember i was sooo nervous. Not anymore about tripping or slipping or anything like that, only because i realize i have never done this before. And yes we did have a rehearsal but i totally forgot the whole thing and it was still just a rehearsal. In my hotel room; my make up artist, who was by the way fabulous(he's done many celebrity make up in the Philippines) came at 11 am. I was actually expecting him around 12:30 pm. So he started doing my make up shortly after he came.

Around 1:45 p.m. the videographer and photographer came... They fixed my wedding dress, flowers, rings, shoes,veil, tiara and even my perfumes(cuz i had two.. Pink by Vicky and Raspberry Splash from Bench)2:45 came around and i was still in the same chair! Finishing my hair... And still, it felt like time was just going so fast. As soon as i was done with hair and make up i was helped into my dress. Then the 50 million pictures began.

I remember arriving to church and every one was looking at me, i was so nervous and hot and feeling like i was going to melt. And walking down the longest isle I've ever seen was crazy and scary at the same time. My veil was super long that it felt a little heavy.

"You may now kiss your wife" he says

Caleb and i with my maid of honor and best friend... Zoshin. This was after the wedding ceremony and 20000 picture poses after as well.

Our reception was at Shangri La West... Which a lot of people were AMAZED. Simply because of the fact that the president of the Philippines actually dines here not only once a week as well as for special occasions.

OUR CAKE was super AMAZING! It was actually perfect! It had bows, flowers and all 3 of our wedding color and they put the cake topper i brought from the US.

With the beautiful hotel we stayed in, to the church that's filled with flowers every where you turned and the amazing good food at the restaurant that had an amazing waterfalls and still flowers every where; gorgeous cake as a focal point and our table, facing every one whom i love laughing and genuinely so happy for the both of us and the live music from t he band playing right beside the chocolate fountain and a photo booth on the left. Everything was perfect after all is said and done i realized that this was what i ever hoped for and more. And i really couldn't have had this WEDDING that not even words could explain, without my wonderful parents and most especially GOD.

you cannot spell LOVE withou LV


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