Monday, January 25, 2010

Definetely pic heavy!

AHHHH SUNDAY! For most people like my self not only that i dont work on Sunday, but i also wake up very early so that i could go to church. Me and Caleb both does by the way. And depending if we are on a schedule or we have plans or if my parents are in town, Sunday goes by so fast i feel like i should just lay and sleep all day.

We do have our routine that our body is so use to, we dont realize that we do it every Sunday... Get up at 7:30, get ready leave by 8:30 stop at Starbucks get my Soy latte with two non fat pumps of vanilla and bagel. ha ha

So yesterday, we lala gag... Went look at some stuff and walked out with a watch. Isn't it crazy when that happens?

Thanks babe you are awesome!
Monday, Monday....
Peace, Luv & FrenchKiss

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