Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ca -LA-LA-LA Lilly

I have been OBSESSED with silk floral arrangements as well as VASES. So lately when i have some time to spare after work; i visit places such as Michaels, Pier 1 imports and local Decor shops. And when i do see stuff that i like, i get them little by little. So Caleb doesn't come home with decorations pile every where. Besides im one of those people who must finish what they have started all in one day! And when i dont, it bothers me. However with my busy schedule, it is perfect! Because i can start on something and not be able to finish it, i am way too tired to even care.

Below, are pictures of the second PROJECT that i am working on. Which is the Calla Lily arrangement. It is definetely not finish! Simply because i havent had the time to shop for some other different kind of silk flowers or stems. I thought i would share it though.

Criminal Minds... on ION Television
Peace Luv & FrenchKiss

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