Friday, January 15, 2010


Geez! I have been so busy with work... Especially waking up at 4 am to go to work at 6:00. I hope every one had a great Xmas and New Years eve as well!!! Tonight was super great, Caleb and i had dinner and then went looking around shops. I'm all about house Decoration these days! Totally, crazily in love with them.

By the way, i thought it was totally cute to tell you guys my story tonight of how sweet and appreciative i am for having a great Fiance. The chee chee versh is...

This Coach purse caught my eye, i looked at it and i told him how absolutely awesome this purse was, and then i looked at the price and the price was very much worth the purse but just not as gorgeous as the purse for it was $298.00 (and my spending habbits has been well... very mischievious). Soon after the price checking lol i put it down and went to look at earrings then i see Caleb carrying this purse around and going to the check stand. I walked out of the store thinking he was going to follow, instead he called me and asked me where i was. He got the purse and all i want to do is return it. I dont think i deserve it at all especially with my spending habbits lately!

By the way... iT PAYS to DiSCOVER!!!



  1. I've missed you ate! Aaaw ^^, that's so sweet of your fiancé :)

  2. Awwe Liz!!! I miss you too..
    He is sooo awesome.
    Love your pic... So pretty


Hey Kikays! Thanks for the comments. Smile everday...keeps wrinkles away!!!