Monday, January 18, 2010


So for Caleb's 21st birthday, since it was being MLK Day and all... We did what we could. Rich and Emily was so nice that they had us for dinner and we had a little "PARTY." Just the FOUR of us and it was a blast! Caleb seemed like he had a ton of fun and im so happy for him.

I didnt get him anything but a card. And this is all because i have a wonderfulles idea. So im making him think that since ive been so busy i dont have the time to get him gifts or something for his birthday. He has yet to see of what to come!

e This was about 7:00 pm<- Rich and Caleb had a shot of PATRON! e

They are so funny, i swear! They would be texting each other or talking to each other and call one another "PUNKIN," ofcourse it doesnt mean anything but just to be playfull; i guess this is where you can tell how close they were. HA HA

Me & Emily

Before we called the night off, we played a game of UNO; where Rich and Birthday BOY thought they are going to team up so neither Em or i win. But guess who won???


I know... im that awesome!

Peace, Luv & FrenchKiss


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