Saturday, February 5, 2011

DiY Make Up Brushes Holder

Since my make up brushes are growing tremendously, i thought id make me a better holder. These holders are inexpensive and all that i used can be found in many places such as Walmart, Joan's, Michael's or any arts and crafts stores. The best thing is, you can customized your holder to fit your personality. Its not something you just purchased at the store that came in mass production.

What You Will Be Needing:

*Glass Gems, beads or Sand.
I switch them up every so often. Either is fine. These, depending on what you get, where you get it and the lbs, prices range from $5.99-$8.99

*Vases/Glass or Plastic:
These are all made of glass but i have use plastic vases/ pretty cups before. Again Either is fine. Its about what you want and how you want it to be. Price ranges from $3.00-$10.00
Go to Walmart for these because they are cheaper!

I really love bows(cant you tell? lol,) flowers, blings and ribbons. You can add gems or WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! Many arts and crafts places has premade bows and flowers without stems ready for sale. The blings are just fun accessory bracelets from my wedding shower.

What You Need To Do:

I like to measure my beads or in this case my glass gems so i know that they will be the same amount.... It measured 3 cups btw.

*After Filling, You Can Start Decorating!*

I do not suggest you filling to the top of the holder. The weight of your brushes will push the beads up.

TA DA!!!!!


See? That was fun and easy!!! Be careful of glass gems they tend to break when fall! And remember to always have fun!

Good luck!


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