Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Gal Lash

Personally i love Bad gal lash from benefit! It makes any eyelashes super long and big. It doesn't ever clump or stick together (stubbornly.) The wand is so big that its easy to apply. And no fall outs throughout the day. It's $19.00 Yes, It is a little pricey for a mascara but you get what you pay for.

Your eyes will stand out even after one coat.

Benefit is well known for great cosmetic qualities from eye shadows to array of mascaras and the popular box powder collections.

I'm going to list down below where you guys can get yours.

Of course these are my favorite stores and my favorite handpick sample(birchbox.) I chose these 3 particular beauty stores(give or take) because when you become a member each time you purchase, you earn points! Which you can use to buy products depending on which store you purchase from. Enjoy!

And yes! I do purchase from all of these three places.

Who needs false eye lashes?

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