Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its been awhile

Since i have done anything with this blog of mine.
I have just been so busy lately... with work, family & just life in general. I do have to kinda-ish blame work. It's just been SO busy in the office lately. IT does SOMETIMES takes a lot out of me. Where sometimes i feel exhausted. To always meet and exceed my goals and be a good example for others. So for "those" bad days... i pull out my box of nail polish. Without thinking if the color would match my outfits, should it be plain? OR should i put a design? I just go and paint.
And every time i start, i always, in the middle of painting my nails- would realized something!<- Maybe i should have taken a picture from the very beginning, maybe do a step by step pictures. But laziness gets the best out of me. I do, however manage to take pictures of the final outcome. Sometimes too SOON, where i don't actually clean the sides of my fingernails. But i thought, i should share =)

I painted my tips white, applied "black" Shatter by OPI on top of my tips. Lined the top of my tips "sparkly green(i don't exactly know the name)" by Art Deco, then finally top coat.

My Japanese inspired nails

Painted all my nails Sinful Colors "savage." Applied one coating of Sinful Colors "daddy's girl." Draw little black branches using "black" Art Deco by L.A nails polish. Then using dotting tool, i put little dots using "folly" by Sinful Colors.

Under the SEA

I painted some of my top nails with clear base sparkly glitters and the others with green glitters<- Applied only 1 coat each nail. Painted from half to the tips using a bright blue sparkle(2 coat to even a light finish and 3 coats to make them darker.)

StarFish: Plain yellow(no glitter or shimmer, other wise it would just blend in with the background.) Then used bright orange to put dots on top.

Corals: Had 2 with different colors... One was a pale pink with little pinkish-brown dots. The other one was like an orangy-red color.

SeaPlants: Again, i created 2 different styles and colors. One was the well known Codium Reediae seaweed using dark green then, using a different hue of green with some sparkle to kinda bring the shape up front. For 2nd one i used a slightly dark deep red and highlighted some parts using the orangy-red color then i went back to put a little bit of orange just to make it stand out a little bit more.

Shell: I used a deep coral color. Added some sparkly orange on some places.

Guppy: Purple that fades into a light brown tail also with little black dots.

Rock: Gun metal dark then to highlight some areas i used light silver.

LittlePearls: Small dot using the Pale pink color then covered it up with light metallic blue.

News Paper Nails

Use any type of light gray polish to cover your nails. When completely dry dip each nail in rubbing alcohol for about 5-7 seconds then press news paper in place(be careful on pressing. IF you move it to much then the ink from the paper might not come off as dark.) After 10 second, each nails, remove carefully.

There you go guys! I hope you do enjoy them :)


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