Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It might be You!

Tonight, my husband came home late. He had made plans with one of his good friends. To work out, that is! The one thing that my husband does 5 days a week is to work out at least and hour or more if he can. Which, is one of the many awesome hobbies he has. He does his own thing or in this situation; he met up with a friend and worked out together. Ive been home by my self with Uggy and Tink since 3:30 this afternoon. His dad had also invited us out for dinner and i was just not feeling good enough. <- By that i meant a little head ache. Needless to say i was not able to go. Which was definitely fine. I don't mind staying home. But when he got home around 9:30, not only did he have those flowers in his hands; he also brought me dinner. From the Mexican restaurant they went to.

"And Its telling me
IT might be YOU
All of MY life"

This was last weekend! On one of our dates on a mission. we were on a mission to find out what Halloween costume we want and what we are going to be(silly right?). We also were thinking of decorating our house and having a small Halloween party. I don't know about that! I hate cleaning up after a party!

I guess even though i do get flowers from him every month... Whether he send it to my work or he brings it home with him. I always get caught off guard. I don't ever expect it. Which i guess makes him showers me with flowers even more<- he said that when we were still dating. By the way, at work today. We were given stress balls! They were way cute enough to begin with. Especially with their white and orange fro; however for some reason i still wanted mine to stand out! lol So i made him a mask that made him look like a Ninja Turtle. And i made Mikee Mike a belly dancer. Although you probably couldn't tell.

So, for those who does not work tomorrow... Such as my self! Enjoy it!!! Trust me, i will try as much as i can. And yes i do work this coming weekend. But that is how life is. You have to work. Hopefully you love what you do. I absolutely love my career! Cant complaint.

Ive been waiting for you... all of my life

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