Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the devil is not the only one...

It's.... birthday time!!!! YAY! I love birthdays! Not just mine but especially families and friends. In this case, a birthday of one of our(husband and i) best friends. And he is turning 24 on the 23rd of this month. I'm so EXCITED!!! For his birthday gift, we talked and talked and even got his girl friend's opinion on what we should get him. And John is very smart and clever, so any time we would ask him what he thought was cool he did not want to voice his opinion. He knew that we were fishing for some ideas on what we are going to get him for his birthday. Thank goodness; we knew the stuff he is into. We wanted to keep it simple but thoughtful. With that being said, we took a trip to Niemans and looked at their Prada lines for men. And of course they were limited and was advised that the full line were online. So i went online and bought this Saffiano leather card holder..

We actually have been holding onto this for about a month now! We were just too excited to get him something that we shopped as soon as we can!


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