Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sneaky Uggy and New hair color :)

So, Uggy... My Chihuahua Pug; mix is notorious for going through our neighbor's back yard(the house on the left.) Today i left the office early, when i got home of course i let Tink and Uggy outside. Our backyard is fenced, however the very back and some of the side is rod iron fence(above Uggy's pic shows the type of fence.) And Uggy is small enough to fit into the fence! Not 2 minutes later i hear some barking and people talking. The sliding door was open. So i came outside and my neighbors on the right side was out talking and laughing. When i went to check, Uggy was in their back yard. They also have a dog, her name is Mama :) shes cute! After i said sorry about 5 times we (just like the neighbors on the left side) had come to an agreement, that Uggy is more than welcome to come over their yard. Anytime he wants!

Also, after 2 weeks of having pink and neon red high lights; i have decided (ofcourse with the help of Ariel) that it was time to let it go(not for good.) I loved it! I just dont like to not be able to wash my hair as much as i could. Because Pink or Red is not really colors that stays in some ones hair. After 7 washes it starts fading into Light Pink then Orange. I just didnt want that. And i have been so busy, i don't have the time to sit in a chair and spend 2 hours every week just to get it re touched.

Its time for the 3:00 pm nap time! I wish

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