Friday, February 5, 2010 review

After dinner out last night, we went ahead and saw a movie. Normally weekends are our movie days/nights. But since we have so many movies in our list right now; we wanted to tackle atleast one of it. Before the weekend, since this week i work Sat & Sun.. So we went to see Legion! Personally i like some bits and pieces of it, but the initial story line i didnt like so much. Here comes the CHEE CHEE version of it!

God lost hope in humanity; he sent Michael to terminate the human beings, along with his army of angels. Michael disobey God, because from the beginning God had made us and he taugh his angels to love us, like how God loves us. So Michael came down to earth, cut his wings off and took his halo out, to protect a pregnant lady because if she dies, and the baby with her dies. It is the end of humanity. Atleast if she gave birth then, the baby has the chance to LEAD us.

Ok so my favorite parts first!:

* Of course the gun shooting! lol i like bad ass movies!
* The Angels.. Both Michael and Gabriel<- they were both FINE looking men. Ha h
* How it proves that even there are people who can do things imaginable, there are who still will risk their life for others.

What i didnt like:

* How the movie portrait GOD to have no mercy! Because GOD is MERCIFUL
* And how the humans that were the weakest are possessed first.
* And those who were possessed looked very EVIL and DEMONIC.
* Saying things like this old woman in the picture. "ALL BABIES are going to BURN!"

I just think that they could have been different, i imagine when the last day is. That the angels yes will come down. But not all mankind will DIE, there will be who are going to be saved. And yes, we can run nor hide. But im sure no one will be possessed by the angels just to try and kill us the way we cannot even imagine. And SCARY looking possessed to.

By the way before the end of the movie when Gabriel was hunting the pregnant lady, Michael came back down(from being dead) and Gabriel could not believe why could this even be, especially when Michael defy God. And Michael said "You gave him what he asked for. I gave him what he needed."

Would i watch this movie again? Personally im not sure because i did not like the whole movie. If it was Satan who he is preventing from killing that baby. Yes i would have loved it. But since i am very religious and GOD is always first.

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Peace, LUV & FrenchKISS

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