Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Valentines day!!! Pic Heavy

Well! Its been a year, since i started this blog. YES! i do believe my first post was of Caleb and i on our first Vday. I hope every ones VALENTINES DAY was as AWESOME as ours! Since its Sunday, we did our routine. Which is Starbucks to go, church and then lunch. That picture was taken at lunch. We were at P.F Changs.

This was what i got K for Valentines day. I'm kind of shy so i went ahead and covered the name, however; i can tell you all that they are both Stainless steel. The ring has a small tiny diamond in it.

And he got me these^. I am so excited about it, because its so awesome! I mean i feel so bad already that he got me 2 new purses and a watch, back in January-Februaryish. So i definetely did not want anything as far as gifts! Today went by so fast! Especially that we woke up super early. After lunch we went and walked around.

Got these at HotTopic :D

My nephew turned 7 today!!!! So we got him a couple of things and also this Ed Hardy tee!

For dinner we hit up Pinata and we had some margaritas! on V day they had PINK & RED margarita thing going on. So i got Raspberry and he got Strawberry but somewhere around dinner i started drinking his and he was drinking mine.
Super FAB
Peace, LUV & FrenchKiss

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  1. you guys looks soo cute together and your man is so sweet. he spoils you :) Im glad you had an awesome Vday.


Hey Kikays! Thanks for the comments. Smile everday...keeps wrinkles away!!!