Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bebe's Heart

Hey Pretty Kikays! For all you Bebe lovers out there, such as my self! Bebe has launch their fragrance recently. It smells absolutely fabulous, wether you are on a romantic date or just everyday use. The smell lasts for a very long time; so the money you spent to get it is worth it besides you dont have to spray morethan twice!

3.4 FL OZ $65.00

1.7 FL OZ $49.50

Of course both are available online at under fragrance and in stores as well. And if you happen to visit the store, dont forget to ask an associate for a free perfume cented puffs for your closet or just anywhere you want to put it in.

Peace- Luv & FrenchKiss

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Hey Kikays! Thanks for the comments. Smile everday...keeps wrinkles away!!!